Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hulu Hurricane Irene: Mayor Bloomberg warned New Yorkers

Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday morning called on New Yorkers living in lowland areas to be ready to evacuate for Hurricane Irene.
Thus, a natural disaster - earthquake, which shook the Gotham! - It is not enough for one week. Now, New Yorkers need to buckle to the other, named Irene.
"Now this is a very good time to check with friends and family in other parts of the city," Bloomberg said Thursday, "and determine the location, if the weather is bad." Meanwhile, tabloid newspapers ginning to fear from newspapers typically hyperbolic.
"AVERAGE IRENE" screamed the New York Post headline.This article contains a weather map from the dense clouds of swirling, and the "Monster" zero sugar cane in NYC "
The New York Daily proclaimed: "Monster! Poor Irene roars straight to the USA and the city." What was unusual in this context, well, anywhere outside the five boroughs.
Bloomberg said that residents of areas like Red Hook in Brooklyn and Coney Island, the Queen of Far Rockaway and Staten Island should be prepared to face evacuation.
PHOTOS: On the way of Hurricane Irene
He also repeatedly warned New Yorkers: "Do not swim," regardless of how the invitation seems to plunge into the water with rip tides. It's too dangerous, he said.
Over the past 160 years, only five hurricanes come in 75 miles from New York - the last of the Gloria in 1985, according to the Daily News.
But the city was not risking that Irene would not be a sixth.
Thursday crews were cleaning some of the city storm drains 143,000 in flood risk zones.
On the eastern Long Island, which often bears the burden of such storms, residents pulled their boats ashore and procure the fresh water and batteries and wondering whether to cancel the plans, which is usually one of the last summer weekends before children return to school.
Lovers of tennis also feared that the storm will interfere with the U.S. Open Tennis Championship to start on Monday in Queens.
And as if there was not enough anxiety for thousands of college freshmen are expected to in their dorms on Sunday at New York University, Columbia University and Fordham University, now have to worry about packing ... boots.

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