Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last Robyn Gardner Facebook Photos

Last Robyn Gardner Facebook Photos - Meanwhile, it has been reported that police believe the 50-year-old businessman killed the 35-year-old dental assistant after becoming jealous when he read a message she sent to her boyfriend back home saying: 'I love you.'

The sudden moment of anger is said to have spoiled a pre-meditated plan he had made to murder  Robyn Gardner and dump her body at sea in an attempt to cover his tracks, according to the National Enquirer.

Aruba prosecutors released the photographs on Wednesday to help aid potential witnesses on the Dutch Caribbean island and detained Gary Giordano, 50, for another day.

Previously released pictures yielded 'little results', according to officials.

Two pictures of Robyn wearing her favourite dress were taken as she left a restaurant on the afternoon she went missing.

In an attempt to get information from the public, Aruba’s public prosecutor release released the last-known photos of a Maryland woman who disappeared on the island earlier this month.

The photos show 35-year-old Robyn Gardner, of Frederick, and her 50-year-old travel partner, Gary Giordano, of Gaithersburg, leaving the Rum Reef restaurant at Nanki the afternoon of Aug. 2, the last day Gardner was seen.

Giordano traveled to Aruba with  Robyn Gardner on July 31 and reported her missing Aug. 2, saying she disappeared while the two were snorkeling. He assisted the search but was detained at the airport Aug. 5 as he tried to leave the country because of questions about his account of what happened. A judge ruled Aug. 15 that there is enough evidence to hold Giordano for another 16 more days on suspicion of involvement in  Robyn Gardner's presumed death.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor released photos of  Robyn Gardner and Giordano on Aug. 11 to try to generate more leads or witnesses, but there weren’t many results, so these photos of the couple as well as the white Toyota RAV4 the couple rented were released.

Authorities have conducted searches on the island for  Robyn Gardner’s remains or evidence against Giordano.

A fisherman has said he saw the couple leave the beach together the day  Robyn Gardner disappeared.

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