Monday, August 30, 2010

Brouhaha over census farcical

Brouhaha over census farcical

Much ado about nothing....
On Aug. 11, the federal government announced its intention to, in Industry Minister Tony Clements' words, "introduce legislation this fall to remove threats of jail time for persons refusing to fill out the (2011) census and all mandatory surveys administered by the federal government."
This seemed pretty innocuous and something I personally applauded. I don't know about you, but threats aren't the greatest way to get me to do something.
But, since then, there have been more than 8,000 news stories on the census -- way more articles and commentaries than on our health-care system (just more than 1,000) and only a smidgen fewer than articles and commentaries on the economy. Come on, people, where are your priorities?
When the head of one of our human rights commissions (in this case, Barbara Hall of the Ontario commission) comes out in support of the census, I have a natural tendency to run for the hills. I never really thought of the census or the controversy surrounding it until Hall said she supported it. For those familiar with Hall's tendency to favour limits on personal freedom in the name of personal rights, it should surprise no one that coercion would be fine with her.
Hmm. Apparently a liberal-fascism/tyranny component to the hysteria, hyperbole, gross unhingedness, etc., etc...

The Left is up in arms over the decriminalization of the right to choose to decline to respond to intrusive, non-necessary questions asked by the state.


The question:

Has the Left been abusing, manipulating, spinning, distorting, etc..., "statistics"... to falsely justify/promote its extremist agenda?

Why does the Left prefer to depend on statistics... rather than on common sense, intelligence, and observable, empirical reality?

Hmm...  Yup, food for thought...

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