Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Stupid Email

Just came in via email from someone who obviously hates conservatives:

all right wingers are underemployed... i should know because i
can't seems to find any that have any skills worth hiring! No
wonder you all hate taxes, you make no money to begin with.

another rich liberal
(see hollywood, new york, etc.)

Lovely... another quasi-literate, lazy-minded "progressive".  Rich or not, a Prog is a Prog.

Didn't bother to ask me about my skills, which stem from, in part, my business degree and my one-year diploma in info tec, for starters.

In a nutshell, it's not hard to see that this individual is an ignorant, prejudiced idiot.

It's illogical to hate taxes if one were to make no money and therefore pay no taxes.  In fact, "progressives" who get a check for doing nothing, they LOVE taxes, because taxes make the check-for-doing-nothing possible in the first place!  They're sponges, and my money is the water.  THAT'S why I hate taxes- I pay a portion of them so that lazy progs can buy beer and chips so that they can just sit around in their underwear at home!

FYI, "", I DO make money and DO pay taxes... a LOT of taxes.

And I'm only temporarily underemployed, vis-a-vis my skill set that goes largely unused in my current occupation.  Long story, but if I had been a selfish asshole and only thought about myself when others needed me, maybe I'd be making a lot more than I am now, not that my story is any of your business.  Leftists are often selfish, and if they get rich it's usually because of their selfishness.

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