Sunday, August 29, 2010

Visit Zoo Atlantassssssssss

     No thanks, think I'll stay right here in Montgomery.

     A venomous (like there's another kind?) rattlesnake "escaped" at the Zoo in Atlanta but they think it's still in the building.

     It's a tiger rattlesnake and here's what they look like:

     I certainly hope they're better at keeping the real tigers contained.
     The Zoo Atlanta people say you should call them and not try to capture it yourself should you spot the two-foot long viper.
     No danger, sir, no danger.
     And what do you think of WSB-TV's story, which includes the information that the two-foot snake is about the length of a cheerleading baton. Now that's helpful! Two feet wasn't nearly descriptive enough...If I'm going in for an ID, I'll use the baton to measure it first, and then use it to sent the snake to wherever snakes go when they are beaten to a bloody pulp. 

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