Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where at least SOME of the oil has gone...

...DEEP and long. Story on

     And that backs up scientists who said they found the oil where they least expected it...way deep in underwater trenches.

     This Sunday's "On The Record" on CBS-8 features an Environmental Historian (betcha didn't know there was such a thing!) from Troy University.

     I talk with her about the spill (of course), the coal ash in Perry County, the concept of environmental racism, and the upcoming decision by the EPA about whether to change the level of Ozone allowed in the Montgomery/River Region air.
      If they decided to reduce the allowable amount, it could stifle industrial development in the area. The guest is Dr. Elizabeth Blum, Ph.D. 

Watch it live or TiVo it: "On The Record", Sunday at 5:30, just before 60-Minutes on CBS-8 in Montgomery.

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management

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