Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Freedom Over Fascism

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I see it, rather, as a triumph of freedom over fascism.

Leave it to "progressives" to spin it as "ideology" over "common sense".

They can call it what they want. But to call freedom, particularly freedom to choose, a mere "ideology", as if it was a bad thing, and fascism "common sense", well, that illustrates, in a nutshell, the problem with the "progressive" "liberal" left.

Besides, it's unfair that Obama isn't required by the Left to prove his Constitutional eligibility to be President (by showing us his REAL birth certificate), whereas the Left wants ordinary people to show theirs to prove their eligibility for lesser stuff... and to be forced, via threat of prosecution, to fill out a privacy-invading form.

Those who are soooooo gung-ho over making people answer private questions are actually liberal fascist ideologues.

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