Friday, July 9, 2010

Teen activist refuses to shake PM's hand - Canada -

Teen activist refuses to shake PM's hand

Far-leftwing extremist bigot "artist" refuses to shake PM's hand. No valid reason given, other than "disagreement". Oh? Does the dumbass kid refuse to shake everyone's hand, with whom he has disagreements? 

Say, if he disagrees with Obama on anything, will he be fair and refuse to shake Obama's hand, too? 

Geez. F...eckin' antisocial Progs. 

Even I wouldn't refuse to shake hands with Obama, no matter how much I realize what a tyrannical p.o.s. Obama is. I, in fact, recently shook Liberal NB Premier Shawn Graham's hand, even though I'm unimpressed with his neo-communist policies and agenda. 

The kid's a pussy and has only succeeded in giving other Progs an even worse image, though after what happened in T.O. recently rather trumps the handshake-refusal for bringing down "progressivism" in the eyes of the majority-consensus of Canadians.

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