Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Should we build a mega-mosque at Ground Zero? - Ezra Levant

Should we build a mega-mosque at Ground Zero? - Ezra Levant

I’ve got this great idea: Let’s open a shooting range next to the L’Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal.

What, too soon after the Montreal Massacre?

Well how about a museum, overlooking Pearl Harbor, dedicated to the military accomplishments of Japanese Emperor Hirohito?

Too tasteless?

OK. How about a 13-story, $100-million mosque at Ground Zero in New York City, on the rubble of a building that was damaged on 9/11? And let’s have it run by a Muslim radical who believes America had it coming. And let’s give the mosque a jihadist name: Cordoba House, named after the capital of the Muslim conquest of Spain centuries ago. And let’s make it a headquarters for Dawah, the Arabic word for promoting sharia law.

I got a great idea! Let's build an Orthodox Catholic Church across the street from a gay bar that was firebombed! As if the Left would ever tolerate the very proposal!

Let's build an all-male-only clubhouse/lounge across the street from a battered womens' shelter!

Let's build a pro-life activism center across the street from an abortion factory!

Let's build a Crusades museum across the street from a mosque!

Let's build a cowboy/European-settler museum across the road from an Indian reservation!

Let's build non-Native houses on land claimed by Indians!  They wouldn't, and don't, tolerate that, and would, and DO, criminally terrorize the new non-Native residents!  (Re. Caledonia)

Shame on the ideologically-extreme, morally-disingenuous, far-leftwing propagandists for standing up for the Islamic supremacists who want to build the mega-mosque. And, yes, it's a mega-mosque, 'cause that's what we're calling it, so get used to it, 'cause The People won't ever get used to the idea of whatever kind of Islamic-oriented construction on sacred Ground Zero ground. It'd be something like building a neo-Nazi clubhouse across the road from Auschwitz, and that wouldn't be tolerated either.

On the one hand, we have the ACLU getting crosses, the Ten Commandments, Bibles, etc. banned, prayer in school banned, Christians arrested for standing across the street from abortion factories and gay assemblies... but it's ok to build a massive Islamic edifice on the sacred burial ground of the victims of Islamic supremacists?

It's unjustifiable, the DOUBLE STANDARD!

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