Monday, July 19, 2010

A Media-Manufactured 'Controversy'

Placating Tory base on the census causes Harper government grief - The Globe and Mail

Meh. Like, who, but a few attention-hogging windbaggy-talking-heads really care?

Most people, I betcha, are probably pleased that they don't have to fill out that big, fecking piece of unnecessary Big-Brother nosiness and can just say, yup, I live in Canada; count me.

After all, the purpose of a census is to count how many people live in the country, eh... It's been hijacked by hard-left-wing, revolutionary social reengineers for all sorts of purposes and is intrusive.

After all, what business does the government have in our bedrooms, and in whatever other room of the house?

The piece is full of spin, speculation, opinion, etc.  Should've been put on the "Opinion" page.

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