Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mountie fears more Canadians taking up jihad

Mountie fears more Canadians taking up jihad
“We are seeing more and more Canadians being radicalized and deciding to support the (Islamist) cause through violence,” said Gilles Michaud, the RCMP Assistant Commissioner in charge of the force's national security criminal investigations. “It is a growing trend that we are very concerned about.” Up until recently, officials believed terror threats would come exclusively from outside Canada and efforts were made to beef up the borders, Michaud said.

“Now, what we are seeing is that threat is growing from inside and is going elsewhere,” he said. “It’s like we are exporters of terrorism to a certain extent.” Michaud’s comments come as the Al-Qaida-linked and Somali-based Al-Shabaab group claimed responsibility for co-ordinated bomb attacks in the Ugandan capital of Kampala that killed 76 people Sunday.

Obviously the Left is wrong to assume that there's nothing to worry about, no need to take serious measures to stamp out this violent ideology.  Clearly, the Left is in denial because reality is inconvenient to their agenda.  The Left gets crazy and literally pretends that all's well and that the only threat is from the Mainstream, who isn't Leftist.

Of course, if we suffer a terrorist attack, the Left will blame us, not the terrorists, nor their ideology, etc.  Leftists always assume that good people assume that the good victims are bad and that the bad attackers are innocent because somehow they were hurt by the good victims' "policies".  Of course, what's what is that the Left is onside with the terrorists because the Left is trying to get rid of the "policies" which it doesn't like.  So the Left is in cahoots with the terrorists, but we can see this, as Leftists are always eager to stand up for the terrorists instead of the victims... or potential victims.  It's all selective.  And most Leftists don't realize that they're wrong, because they delude themselves and each other into believing, wrongly, of course, that they "mean well".  How stupid!

What we need is stronger anti-terror and anti-Islamization policies and programs, not weaker ones, as the Left, inspired by their terrorist comrades, demands.

Remember that pro-terrorist billboard that once went up in Canada a while back?
Stuff like this isn't helping!

Neither is the following, that dude with the illegal Hezbollah flag at a Leftist "demonstration" in Toronto, where some Leftist federal Opposition MPs were spotted
Hey, bearded asshole!  What the feck's so funny?  You think killing people in cold blood is funny?  Wipe that stupid-ass Leftist-Islamic-Supremacist grin off your fuzzy mug, eh!

Of course, the Left will get mad that anyone dares to bring this stuff up and will accuse any whistleblowers of "hatemongering and inciting Islamophobia", which couldn't be further from the truth, though they could, if they wanted, use words like "awarenessmongering" and "Islamosupremacismophobia" and "Islamizationophobia" and "terroristattackophobia".  

Besides, Leftists are Christianophobic, Judeophobic, Ameriphobic, Israelophobic, even Candadophobic. Hell, Leftists are freedomophobic, democratophobic, ruleoflawophobic, equalityophobic...  the list goes on and on...  Show it to Ron Jeremy, he'll be impressed as hell at its size...

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