Friday, September 30, 2011

Attorney Makes Offer to End Search For Aliayah

A local attorney is making an offer to represent the person or persons responsible for the disappearance of 3 year old Aliayah Lunsford, in exchange for representation.  
 Is it a real concern to bring an end to search?

This  leads to an ethical dilemma:  how would he defend the person (s) who reveals the location of Aliayah?  

Analysis question:  Is this a genuine offer, or publicity stunt?

The implication is that a "tragedy" took place, rather than a crime, which may be targeted towards the mother.  

Long critical of attorneys, the offer of free representation does not appear to be, in the low media area, a publicity stunt, a la Cheney Mason, but perhaps an olive branch to the mother and step father. 

An Offer To Help End Search For Girl
Reuben Perdue, WAJR FM

A noted Clarksburg defense attorney is making a plea to try and end the search for three-year-old Aaliyah Lunsford in Lewis County.

Defense attorney Tom Dyer says he will represent anyone who knows anything about the girl's disappearance free of charge.
"We will make arrangements to meet with you privately ahead of time," he said. "And then come in and turn yourself in and explain exactly what has happened."                                                                    
Note that "ahead of time" is answered in the following sentence:  "turn yourself in" is presupposed.  Please note that he wants, for his office (plural) and police, an explanation but wants the truth, so as part of the offer, the additional word "exactly" is used.  This shows the speaker expects that when the person (s) turns himself or herself in, there is a presupposition of truth; no spin, no nonsense.  They are to tell him, his staff, and police "exactly" what happened, even though he expects an "explanation" of events.  This suggests that something "tragic" happened and the child is hidden in cover up.  

Authorities handling the search have said from day one that they are not ruling out any possibilities in the girl's disappearance. The possibility remains that the girl was abducted and taken out of the area.

Dyer says if that's the case, whoever knows what happened may be in fear of the consequences. If anyone has taken the girl or knows where she is -- he is willing to help them.
"I will speak to you and handle this matter at no cost to bring a conclusion to this tragedy," he said.

Note the change from "we" to the stronger, personal, "I" by the attorney.  If he spoke on behalf of his staff above (with the "we"), he then shows the importance of his own personal involvement and perhaps use of his prominence to convince the person (s) to approach him, assuring personal involvement.  This shows a strong commitment to his statement.   Note the closeness of "this matter" is associated with him, personally.  

Opinion of analysis:  This appears to be  a genuine offer to end the search.  It is likely he knows the toll this is taking, emotionally and financially, on the community.  
Off topic:  
I cannot help but think what would have happened if a decent attorney made this offer to Terri Horman, step mother of missing 7 year old, Kyron Horman, to end the suffering of unknown for the family of Kyron.  

Dyer says he hopes his offer will bring an end to the suffering for the family and community while saving tax payer dollars and man-hours being expended on the search.
Dyer can be reached at 304-677-0111.

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