Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Children of Susan Cox

Susan Cox was married to Josh Powell when she went missing.  Josh Powell refused to cooperate with the investigation and gave as an alibi that he took his toddler (2 year old) and 4 year old son "camping" when Susan went missing.  This "camping" took place at midnight, in the midst of a snow storm.

Josh Powell was remarkable in his silence but it did not last.  Steven Powell was like a lightning rod of attention who was unable to hold his tongue, and drew in attention upon himself, with regards to sexual perversion, ending in his arrest.

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."

As we have said many times, the liar holds the world in contempt and cannot bear not being believed, so he (or she) continues to make statements, even to their own detriment, out of pride.  

Then, his father, Steven Powell,  began making public statements.  We analyzed the statements and concluded that he was lying about Susan, but that his lies were stemming from sexual perversion, as he projected frightening imagery in his statements.  This week, we learned that he was arrested and charged with, among other things, child pornography.  Police now intimate that he is involved in Susan's disappearance.

Josh Powell moved in to the home of Steven Powell with the children, while Chuck Cox, Susan's father, steadfastly fought for the children.
With the arrest of Steven Powell has come new hope.

Since Statement Analysis has concluded that Susan has been murdered, will Steven Powell now tell police where her remains may be found?  Will self preservation assist this case?

What about the children?

Allegation:  Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is not only being subject to actual sexual abuse, but a sexualized environment.

The children have been reportedly taken into State custody, meaning that the State is now legal guardian.  Acting as the legal guardian, the state's responsibility is to then find a safe home for them, with relatives given immediate preference over a foster home.  In fact, they can be placed with Chuck Cox while remaining wards of the State.  Both children will have been interviewed, along with Josh Powell, teachers, pediatrician, and other collaterals.

While they remain in State Custody, they can be placed with the Cox family, allowing for both sides to prepare arguments.  They were in a "Sexual Abuse" situation where a sexualized environment was created by Steven Powell; being subject to it constitutes ongoing jeopardy to the children.  Josh Powell will likely be shown to have failed to protect them, justifying not only the removal, but the placement with maternal grandparents.  This is assuming that Josh Powell is not involved with the child pornography, voyerism, and other perversion.  Thus far, both men have showed similar attitudes towards sexuality, subtly and overtly blaming the victim, and projecting msyognostic beliefs.

We will update this information as news breaks and upon our radio show.

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