Friday, September 30, 2011

Vigil for Aliayah Without Family

As neighbors held a vigil for missing 3 year old Aliayah Lansford, absent was her family.

Candlelight Vigil Held for Missing Child

As the search continues for Aliayah Lunsford, folks met up Thursday night to sing, pray and tell stories. The community and supporters had a candlelight vigil to show her the way back home.
"We were on Facebook Saturday, and about an hour after that we were up here. I just thought it would take, you know, a couple minutes to find her," said Margaret Blake.
"My sister and my family and I have searched the past couple of days, trying to help out as much as we could," Mary Good explains. "I just wish somebody had an answer. I have no idea. My heart aches. I'm a mother and would give anything to find her myself."
"We pray for her everyday, for her safety. And if she's not alive, we pray that someone finds her to give the community closure, let alone the family," explained Marsha Williston.
Folks all across the East Coast have joined in on the search, but since day one, it's evident members of the community came together.

"I have never seen so many people. So many different churches, businesses, organizations come together and deliver the stuff that we've needed at Bendale Church and the armory. Enough for everybody and it has just been remarkable," said Susie Kerns.
For the first time on Thursday, a helicopter was called in to assist in the search. FBI officials say there is no evidence to suggest that Aliayah was harmed.
"People, quit spreading rumors and stuff so the officers can actually find and be able to do their jobs," said Williston.
Indicating a belief that rumors stops police from doing their jobs
"We need her home. She's such a sweet precious little girl, and we want her back home," said Kerns.

Search crews wrapped up searching Thursday night, but it will begin again Friday morning.

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