Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Malinda Dee Jamkesmas Financed Operations

Malinda Dee Jamkesmas Financed Operations, But Only For Jamkesmas Poor Prisoners and Prisoners.

JAKARTA - it worth Malinda Dee, suspected fraud to Rp 16.06 billion in customer funds Citibank, the treatment is financed by the Community Health Insurance? This question is still a polemic, because Criminal Investigation Chief Commissioner General Ito Sumardi who said the cost of inflammatory breast surgery using funds Jamkesmas Malinda Dee.Indeed, for prisoners in state and tanahan house inmates in correctional institutions are entitled to Jamkesmas.

This has been signed by the Minister of Health and Menkumham Endang Rahayu Patrialis Akbar on December 17, 2009 at LP Cipinang the expansion of the membership decision Jamkesmas poured in Kepmenkes Number 1185/Menkes/SK / Xll/2009 on Enhancing the Participation Jamkesmas for Social Institution, Correctional Institutions and Domestic Residents State prisoners And Disaster Victims.

However, in the event it is asserted that entitled the prisoner or detainee is Jamkesmas who can not afford. Statement of Minister of Health at the time, "The program aims to provide Jamkesmas health for poor people who can not afford without having to pay as guaranteed by the government."She added, detainees and inmates who want to get Jamkesmas given enough information and recommendation letter from the head of the prison. 

While Menkumham Patrialis Akbar said Jamkesmas excluded for inmates corrupt. Moreover, he asserts Jamkesmas applies only to class III patients.Malinda What about Dee? According to police, Malinda may have an undue Jamkesmas cards for inmates / detainees were poor. Is Malinda Dee poor? Obviously not! While working at Citibank he received a salary of Rp 60 million per month. He also received a bonus of Rp 250 million every three months.He also had a number of luxury houses and apartments. Her car was classy. He had one unit of the Hummer 3, two units of Ferrari, and one unit of Mercedes Benz.REPUBLIKA.CO.ID

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