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Tiffany Hartley and "Eyes for Lies"

Last night, Renee, or "Eyes", as she is nicknamed, was a guest on The Peter Hyatt Show.  

Her story is fascinating and her work appears to be a blend of body language analysis and statement analysis.  Here is a sample of her work on a case where many readers of Statement Analysis are familiar with:  Tiffany Hartley. 

After reporting her husband killed by Mexican pirates, Tiffany Hartley made the media circuit.  With each appearance, Statement Analysis showed that she was deceptive.  Tiffany spoke on NBC, ABC, Fox, etc, and even got an audience with the governor of Texas.  

In Statement Analysis, we showed that she was deceptive, and how it was that we came to this inclusion, paying close attention to her use (and lack of use) of pronouns.  

Interestingly enough, intimate partner homicide expert, Susan Murphy Milano watched Tiffany Hartley on television and using behavioral analysis concluding not only deception, but involvement in the disappearance of David Hartley, Tiffany's husband. 

Profiler and Author Pat Brown concluded deception, and said that this appeared to be a planned drug purchase gone awry, as part of her profile of the case. 

Body Language expert and author, Dr. Lillian Glass concluded from the body language that Tiffany Hartley was deceptive. 

Here is Renee's work on Tiffany Hartley, touching upon various aspects of analytical work from website.  

She combines common sense, instinct and specific body and facial analysis while still listening to the very words chosen by Tiffany Hartley. 

It is impressive.  Note her statement about pronouns.  

 Tiffany and David Hartley 
  by Eyes at 10:56 AM

Tiffany Hartley and her husband went jet skiing on Falcon Lake, which straddles the U.S. Mexican border last Thursday, even though people were advised not to by authorities because of pirate activity.

Tiffany says that her husband was shot and killed by pirates when they were jet skiing, and she was forced to leave him in the water to save her own life. She said she had heard about the pirate activity, but that was several months ago, and she didn't think her husband would put her in a dangerous position, so they went.

When I watch Tiffany speak, I don't see intense sadness and/or anger, which I would expect to see when she tells us the traumatic events that allegedly took place. The lack of emotions is as telling as the expression of motion. Furthermore, I don't see tears that I recall. When people truly cry, they drop tears. Have you seen any? More so, there is no visible stress in Tiffany's forehead, which is a classic sign of stress as identified by Dr. Paul Ekman and other scientific researchers. We do see this, however, in David's family members. We see what is called oblique eyebrows, which indicates true sadness.

Tiffany also shrugs her shoulders a lot as she talks. This is similar to a verbal expression of "I don't know". It's an automated response that people do without thought. It is very telling. Why is Tiffany so full of doubt? She doesn't always use pronouns when she speaks, which is also a trait of deceptive people. They are missing. Furthermore, she doesn't give us any emotional details, "I was devastated", "I was so scared", "I thought I was going to die", etc. It's oddly missing, but a strong indicator of a real experience.

When Tiffany is talking to ABC, she says, "We saw they had, um, guns. I didn't personally see that, but um..." Then how did she know that, if her husband was killed? She couldn't talk to him to ask him that after he was deceased. That's a whopper!

There are numerous red flags I have not even addressed here. There are too many to put into one small post.

Last when I listen to Tiffany tell her story, which she does several times to several different networks, the details change slightly in each version. Key facts which I would think would be burned into her memory vary from version to version. When we tell the truth, our story will be consistent. We may tell the story differently, but the events of what happened will usually be consistent. Yet Tiffany's stories are not.

Most notably, in the 911 call Tiffany says after her husband was shot that, "There were three boats and they came back looking at her". If they just shot her husband, why would they have to come back to look for her? Wouldn't they have been right there or very close by?

To, she says, "When I saw them coming back towards me, I um, I just know God was telling me I had to get going, I had to get going. I had to leave David and go, and I had to pass them to get back toward the U.S. side, and I just went as fast as I could."

Yet in a complete contradiction to this, Tiffany tells that "I turned him over and he was shot in the head, and that's when a boat came up, one of the boats came up to me, and...had a gun pointed at me, trying to decide what to do with me, and that's when they left and I tried saving David and tried to get him on to my jet ski, but I could get him up...So I had to leave him so I could get to safety."

In the 911 call, she left because she saw the men coming towards her. The second time she says they came up to her and pointed a gun at her and then left her. Those are two vastly different accounts. Which is it? I don't think I would forget to mention the gun being pointed at my head? Would you?

I've also heard Tiffany say another time that she said, "Don't shoot me. Don't shoot me."

Why do all of these stories vary so much? It's very perplexing and not supportive of honesty.

Finally, there was a witness on the lake who recounts talking to Tiffany that day after this happened. He tells us even more details that Tiffany doesn't recount in her stories to ABC, NBC, etc. He seems truly traumatized when I listen to him tell what he remembers. Ironically, he seems even more traumatized than Tiffany does.

His version according to what she told him that day is vastly different again. He recalls her saying that David was "gurgling" when she came up on him. He also says she said three boats approached them waving guns. She never talked about this before. Remember above, she said she didn't see the guns!! The witness talks about when Tiffany went back to her shot husband, "the one that had a gun to their head, left to assist the other two to retrieve the jet ski." That's when she supposedly left her husband because she could see a pirate charging towards her.

Last, the Sheriff says he believes Tiffany and I believe him that he does.

I, however, don't believe we know the whole story here of what happened. Too many things don't add up. Tiffany needs to be looked at and looked at closely.

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