Thursday, September 29, 2011

Police Chief in Texas Sends Transgender Porn to Rival

South Texas Police Chief 'Accidentally' Texts Transgender Porn to Constable
Sep 29, 2011 7:15 PM EDT
A police chief in South Texas admitted to sending transgender porn to a constable after he was reported to police and accused of harassment, reported.
But Primera Police Chief Joe Rodriguez told Valley Central that he "accidentally" texted the photos from his personal phone. He said he meant to send the porn to his cousin.
The constable, Robert Lopez, is running against Rodriguez for the constable position in 2012. Each have traded accusations that the other is trying to tarnish their reputation for political gain.
But this isn't the first time Rodriguez has gotten into trouble over porn. In 2007, he was fired from the Rio Hondo school district amid an investigation that he allegedly searched for adult content on school computers as a district cop.
Lopez says a pattern of inappropriate behavior has been established.
"He's an adult...he's a chief of police in Primera...he should be more responsible...more respectable when it comes to the public," he told Valley Central.

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