Thursday, September 22, 2011

Celina Cass' Mother Speaks

In two articles, updates from Celina Cass' mother, as well as police release that the death was by homicide and that they were not releasing the toxicology results because it would interfere with the ongoing investigation.  This suggests that Celina may have been drugged, or given alcohol.  If drugged, they will seek to match the drugs with anyone in the home who may have been prescribed meds used to overcome Celina. 
Statement Analysis is in bold type. 

Part 2
The mother of an 11-year-old girl whose body was found a week after she disappeared from her West Stewartstown home said Tuesday that she's desperate for answers.
Celina Cass was reported missing in July, and her body was pulled out of the Connecticut River on Aug. 1. The girl's mother and stepfather said they put her to bed one night, and the next morning, she was gone.
Since then, an autopsy has come back inconclusive, and no arrests have been made. Investigators said they are still waiting for toxicology reports to come back.

In an exclusive interview with News 9's Amy Coveno, her mother, Louisa Cass, said she wants to know what happened.
"Answers," she said. "Why would someone do what they did? She didn't deserve it. She didn't do anything to anyone."

Please note that she does not want an answer to the question, "who did this?" but instead asks "why" reminiscent of Jonbenet Ramsey killing.  Note also the repetition, in the negative: "didn't deserve" and "didn't do anything..." which suggests sensitivity regarding "someone" blaming Celina for something.  

Those who knew Celina said she was "Mommy's girl."

"I remember sitting in the chair with her and rocking her," her mother said. "And then the next morning after I came to work, I get a phone call, and she was gone."

Note "sitting" and "rocking" an 11 year old child.  Was this something done to soothe or calm her?  Was this a normal activity between mother and child?  If this was to soothe her, did someone in the home upset her?

She never saw her daughter again. After Celina's body was found in the river, Louisa Cass was advised that it would be best if she didn't see her daughter's body.

"I go to the cemetery every week," she said. "I talk to her. I want her to come and tell me what happened so we know."

Please note that what is missing is the same as above:  "who did this to her" is absent. The mother wants to know "why" and she wants to know "what happened" but does not ask "who" when she talks to her child. 

The West Stewartstown house where Louisa Cass lived with her two daughters; her new husband, Wendell Noyes; Noyes' mother; and a family friend, Kevin Mullaney, is vacant now and on the market.
Louisa Cass said her life has changed. She moved to a new town. She and Noyes, married nine months, separated shortly after Celina's body was recovered.
Tuesday was Noyes' 48th birthday. Relatives said he suffered a mental breakdown during the height of the investigation and is getting care in Berlin. He talks to no one about Celina's death, said his mother, Eunice Richards.

"He has nothing to say, even to me," she said.

Noyes' mother said she feels guilty she couldn't help Celina the night she disappeared. She said that even though she's a light sleeper, she didn't hear anything.

Louisa Cass said she didn't hear anything either. She said she doesn't know how it will feel to get answers about what happened.

"I don't know, to be honest with you," she said. "It will never give me peace of mind."

Please note that regarding seeing or hearing anything, we do not have direct quotes.  Even in the modern struggle for the exclusive interview, It is difficult to imagine how the interview did not contain the simplest of questions about who did this.  The 2nd article:

Investigators have ruled the death of a West Stewartstown girl a homicide, but they have not disclosed the cause of death.
Celina Cass, 11, was reported missing on July 25, and her body was found in the Connecticut River a week later. An autopsy was inconclusive, and her death was ruled suspicious as investigators awaited toxicology results.
Timeline: The Celina Cass Investigation
The attorney general's office said Thursday that the toxicology reports were in and Celina's death was a homicide, but it said that although a cause of death was determined, it was not being released at this time. It said releasing the cause of death could negatively affect the investigation.
No suspects have been named in the girl's death. Her family said they had sent her to bed the night before she was reported missing, but she was gone the next day.
In an interview this week with News 9, the girl's mother, Louisa Cass, said she was still waiting for answers. Louisa Cass and Celina's sister met with investigators for two hours Thursday before the manner of death was released but did not speak to reporters.

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