Monday, September 26, 2011

Katelyn Markham: Possible Remains Found

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Volunteers Uncover New Clues In Missing Persons Search

Hamilton Police Remain Tight-Lipped

Investigators may have caught a break in a missing persons case.
On Sunday, organizers said volunteers took part in a search of Billy Disilvestro and Katelyn Markham in some overgrown land on West Elkton Road near Hamilton schools.
After searchers began sifting through the area, one woman found what was described to be bones.
Police were called to the scene and did take some evidence away but Hamilton police did not say what it was.
The volunteer who made the find said she believes she found possible remains of Disilvestro and Markham.
Searcher Missy Parrett said, "I didn't really notice. I just had a feeling. I walked over and noticed some things. I called other people over and we went from there."
Markham was last seen on Aug. 13 and there are no suspects in her disappearance.
Disilvestro disappeared in February and there have been no new developments in his case recently.

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