Thursday, September 29, 2011

Neighbors Suspicious of Aliayah's Mother

Questions continue about the disappearance of 3 year old Aliayah Lunsford, who's brief statements from her mother have caused concern.  Now, a neighbor weighs in with his suspicion that the mother was not out looking for her child when she said she was. 

Is the home a crime scene?

Are police waiting until she gives birth to announce an arrest?

Does the intruder theory hold any weight with anyone?

Please see recent analysis where the short appearance by the mother indicated to us contradictory body language, and statements that raised concern.  Some neighbors have taken to writing on social network sites, while others are speaking to local media.  Some speak of neglect, drug abuse, and violence.  Below, the neighbor casts doubt upon the mother's account:  

Denzil McHenry's home sits directly across from the Lunsford home on Dennison Street. But he remembers it usually being a quiet home.
"It's weird if you have five kids and you never see them out playing," he said.
But that's not the only question McHenry has regarding the family. McHenry said he was out loading his truck all Saturday morning, but never saw anything strange, despite what Lena Lunsford told police.
"I was here until a little bit before 10 [a.m.]," he said. "I never heard anybody hollering or screaming, come outside looking for anybody. Nobody ever came out to ask me if I'd seen her or seen anything or nothing."
Aliayah's mother said she saw the girl in bed at 6:30 a.m. wearing purple Dora the Explorer pajamas. She told police she went missing between that time and 9:30 a.m., when she left to search for her.
McHenry was not the only one to question Lena Lunsford's timing and questions in the community stretch beyond that.
Both Lena and Ralph Lunsford, Aliayah's stepfather, have questionable criminal backgrounds, including an unlawful assault charge in 2009 against Ralph Lunsford. Weston Democrat reporter John Wolfe remembered covering the case.
"It was alleged that he took an ax and threatened his niece, and broke out some of the windows in her vehicle," Wolfe said.
"Now I kind of wonder," McHenry said.
Wolfe's court research revealed Ralph has 16 past charges and Lena Lunsford has several too. Her's are not violent, but they include lying to police, forgery and receiving stolen property.
"They would make you question her integrity," Wolfe said.
The FBI has remained tight-lipped about its investigation. Special Agent Jeff Killeen said investigators have received a lot of tips that they're checking. Thursday, agents searched the Comfort Inn room where the family moved yesterday, after its Dennison Street home became a crime scene.
But so far, nothing. And the lack of developments has made people wonder.
"They might be a little more forthcoming with information," Wolfe said.
"I think they should've made it a crime scene Saturday afternoon because it was obvious she wasn't in the neighborhood or anywhere in the vicinity. They should have checked out if there were fingerprints or anything out of place that looked like she might have been abducted," McHenry said.
Investigators are still concentrating their search in Lewis County because the majority of tips have led them there, Killeen said.

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