Cindy Anthony revealed on "Dr. Phil" that defense attorney Jose Baez told her, shortly before Casey Anthony's murder trial, that Caylee had drowned. "He proceeds to tell me that Casey wanted me to know how Caylee died," Cindy told Dr. Phil McGraw of a private meeting she had with the attorney. "When he told me that Caylee had drowned in the pool and that Casey had panicked, my immediate reaction was relief for Caylee, because I know she didn't suffer at that point. ... I couldn't believe that my daughter put us all through this and that she ruined her life, that she, for three years, did not come forward and say something."

Baez also said that he wanted to tell Cindy sooner, "but Casey said no," Cindy added.

Casey Anthony was acquitted in July of murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee.

George Anthony said that he never molested his daughter, and Cindy said she believed him. But Cindy also added that she didn't believe the jury based its decision on the abuse allegations that Baez made in his opening statement.

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And Cindy's reaction to the defense theory? "I know it's not truthful," she said.

She said she never saw any inappropriate behavior on George's part and noted that Casey often left her daughter in George's care. Cindy said she never had to ask George if the molestation allegations were true.

George Anthony said he didn't believe that Caylee had drowned. "I never believed anything the defense had told me," George said. "I feel that I've been played." George said that Baez never reached out to him.

George Anthony dismissed Baez's allegation that he had covered up Caylee's drowning death. And Cindy sided with her husband and said she had no doubts about him. Cindy said that George became the "fall guy" for Baez "who was running out of people to blame besides Casey." Cindy said she was angry at Baez for taking that approach.

"I think Jose's original intent was to go after both Lee and George during the trial," Cindy said. "I believe, with all my heart, that Casey put a stop to him going after her brother."

George said he didn't want Casey to be put to death, but that he wanted his daughter held accountable for Caylee's death. Cindy said she was relieved her daughter was acquitted on the most serious charges. "I was elated when all three of them came [back] not guilty," Cindy said.

Cindy said that George wanted some retribution for what Casey had put him through. "He felt betrayed by Casey," Cindy said. "George was so hurt by the fact that they did this to him that he wanted to see her pay."

Cindy denied that she perjured herself on the stand when asked about searching for chloroform. "The state attorney's office didn't want to bring me up on perjury charges," Cindy said.

George and Cindy said they realized their testimony could have ended in their daughter's death.

"All we could say was the truth of what we knew," Cindy said.

Cindy Anthony told "Dr. Phil" that it's not a good idea for Casey to have another child until it's clear what's wrong with the young woman.

Yet Cindy said she would feel comfortable with Casey baby-sitting another Anthony grandchild. "I don't think Casey is evil," Cindy said. "Casey has suffered the loss of her daughter and will have to live with that the rest of her life."

McGraw called the Anthony outcome "the verdict that shocked the nation."

As the three-part interview concluded, the couple talked about a foundation they had set up in Caylee's name. "We have a chance to make a difference," George said.

McGraw praised the couple. "I think you've gotten to tell the story that you didn't get to tell in the trial," McGraw said. "You've certainly been candid and honest."

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