Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eyes for Lies on The Peter Hyatt Show

On our next edition of the Peter Hyatt Show, our special guest will be "Eyes for Lies" from the website that so many of our readers have referred to in their comments.

The show begins at 5PM EST with our chat room open one hour earlier, and will remain open for the evening.

Among our topics of discussion will be not only lie detection from our guest, but we will touch upon the latest news in the investigations into the disappearance of Susan Cox, the subsequent arrest and likely involvement by her former father in law, Steven Powell, as well as updates on Celina Cass and Hailey Dunn.

One topic we will be able to help clarify is the safety and well being of Susan's children, who are now reported to be in State custody with hopeful placement with Chuck Cox, maternal grandfather, and his family.  

Eyes for Lies:

What goes into training?

Must one be a natural to learn micro expressions?

Can the average person learn to pick up deception?

This, as well as questions on specific cases (where Eyes for Lies has had access to video; for that is how she works) should be posted here in the comments section.  

Our call in number is

Call in number to speak with the host
(619) 789-4315

Please post any questions you have for our guest, "LIes for Eyes" as well as any questions you have for Peter or Heather.  

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