Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September Flower of the Month and bunny trails


(Bronx, New York hello)

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Well, this was going to be a blog about the morning glory, which is one of September's flower of the month.
The other flower is the aster.

But today has been a crazy day.
Crazy day.
It all started with me getting up before 6AM.
That's right, 6:00 AM
For those of you who know me, you know I really can't function before 10AM.
Today was the sign-up day for the Craft Show at the
Brighton Senior Center.
It is only 1 day a year, from 8am - 2pm.
There are only 30 tables available, with only 20 downstairs in the main lobby.
The doors open at 8am to start assigning tables.
30 tables.
The first year I participated, I got to the front of the Center at 7:15am.
I was the last one to get a table.
So the next year I arrived at 6:45am.
There were about 10 openings after me.
this year the plan was to get there between 6:30am and 6:45am.
The Dream of Sir Lancelot at the Chapel of the Holy Grail
painted by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

I know that looks like Sir Lancelot,
but really it is me, falling asleep in front of the Senior Center
At 6:50 am!!!

Dreaming of that Great Craft Lady In The Sky...

Here's the kicker -
I get number 22.
That means that I probably will have to be in the upstairs rooms.
Up stairs.
The first lady to arrive to wait in line -
remember 8 am when the doors open -
arrived there at 5:00am.
I people move at that hour?
Can people really drive a car that early?
AND she stopped to get coffee?

Are these people crazy?
I'm one of them I guess.
But really, 5:00Am?????
It is supposed to rain too.
It is cold.
We all sit huddled like a flock of hens in the cold.
I still can't believe I am number 22.
After it is all done and said and signed up,
I DO end up with a table on the ground floor.
No hauling heavy tubs and bags upstairs,
or trusting your life to the elevator,
which looks like it was installed back
when there was a pulley system to get you up!

I met some very nice ladies, and greeted some very nice ladies that I have sat
in the cold and rain with in previous years.
There were a lot more canvas chairs today than last year.
People are getting wise.

So next year,
am I supposed to get there at 6:00AM???
Only if my brain falls out and it gets run over.
Or I forget, and think it might be cheery to go have a coffee and sit
with a bunch of very nice ladies who all love crafts
in the cold and rain.

So afterwards, I'm up- might as well go and get my hair cut
by my friend who works at a beauty salon.
I get there, and OH! sorry, she doesn't work today.

I decide to see if that used book store is open.
Every time I have stopped by, in the last 5 years or so,
he has been closed.
I do so miss the used bookstore where I was manager for several years.
I miss the books,
I miss the customers.

He is open! Hoorah!
Really jam packed little place with books stacked everywhere.
I end up asking if I can volunteer and help him.
He says no, he's a one-man operation.
I pester, but very slightly and ladylike I am sure.
Just touching all the old's like breathing life into me.
I spend some money there.
He says, well, he'll think about it.
He doesn't believe in people working for free, so maybe we'll work out a deal where I get free books or something.
Shhhh....don't tell Michael.
He thinks we have enough books already.

Okay, things are looking up.
I stop at the bead store (Alley Cat) and pick up a few vials of Myuiki? (I know I am spelling that wrong) of size 11 beads.
So, I spend more money.

Then I go to Michael's and find some bargains.
Cool stuff.
Stuff I'm sure I need!
Spent alot more money there.
Oops, better go home.

But wait!
The Krispy Kreme doughnuts are in the same shopping center.
So I restrain my self and get only 1 dozen filled doughnuts.

Note to self:
Do not attempt to eat a creme filled doughnut with glazed frosting
while driving.

Oh yeah, I get frosting all over my shirt, floor, pants, seat...
I get creme filling all over my hand...
and I'm still driving.
Remember Note to self.

That's it for today folks,
I don't need to tell you that when I brought in my shopping bags,
I didn't see the almost full glass of water on the table,
knocked it over
and I had to spend the next 15 minutes mopping up the floor,
the table, the magazines on the get the idea.

I don't need to tell you that when I came home and changed my shirt from all the frosting on it, I heated up some Mexican food leftovers for lunch, sat down and started cutting the chicken
my fork slipped
I got at least a big tablespoon of beans and rice all over me.

This is getting depressing...
think I'll go watch a movie.
or read a book!


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