Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Malinda Dee, JAKARTA

Malinda Dee, JAKARTA - There are interesting when the Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) read the indictment to Inong Malinda Dee's younger brothers, Ismail bin Janib (36 years). Prosecutor says clients

Malinda Dee and some of these names are often heard in the political world like the late Ali Sadikin, Sri Indrawati Muliani to R Hartono. In the list of customers who transferred Malinda without the knowledge of the customer transactions are 56 times from 31 customers. Among the 31 customers that there are three names known to the community. 

It is not yet certain whether the names of the customer was indeed a public figure or not. "Fund transfer to the account of the proceeds of criminal defendants who do Inong Malinda Dee," said the coordinator of the Public Prosecutor, Helmi when reading the indictment in the South Jakarta District Court on Monday (19 / 9). REPUBLIKA.CO.ID

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