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What Happened To Alilyah Lansford?

3 year old Alilyah Lansford was reported missing on Saturday, by her mother, approximately 3 hours after conducing her own search for her.  
What Happened to Alilyah?
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What have we learned since the first report of Alilyah going missing?

A.  Statements:  See prior analysis.  The statements are short, and no conclusion can be drawn, but the mother's statements are concerning.  The aunt spoke of Alilyah in the past tense, indicating a belief or knowledge that Alilyah is dead.  The grandmother spoke of her in the present tense.  

Although interviewed by media, few statements made the editing cut, which is regrettable.  

B.  Information:

We have learned:

1.  Heavy child care responsibility.  There are 5 children under 10, with 2 on the way next month. 
2.  Alilyah at only 3, was missing 4 front teeth.  This suggests possible neglect (bottle rot, sugars, soda, etc) or medical issues.  The teeth could also be missing due to an accidental fall.  The picture shows a sad child. 
3.  Relatives said that the child was fearful of strangers and would not have gone outside on her own. 
4.  The father of Alilyah was apparently not told that he is her father.
5.  We learned that the child was sick the night before, had, perhaps (from transcripts of JVM show) messed herself, needed to be brought home, and at 9 or 9:30AM, was reportedly still sleeping.  We do not know where she was the day before, was she spending the night somewhere that she would need to go home sick from? 
6. Mother has a criminal history:   that the mother spent time in jail, and filed sexual assault law suit against the Dept of Corrections. 

That she appears neglected, comes from a large family, does not know her father, and her mother has a criminal history, all come together to paint an unflattering portrait.  Then we are told that she messed herself and "had to" go home, and that once discovered missing, the mother conducted her own search until she ran out of gas in her car.  

What happened?

When media interviewed her, they used only a few statements, which is an example of poor investigative journalism.  Police have reported staying only within a particular parameter of the search. 

Did Alilyah take ill where something happened and she died, and the mother panicked to hide the body?  The "something" that happened could be anything from an overdose of medication, to a shaken or dropped baby.  It could be failure to seek timely medical care, by way of neglect...was the mother fearful of losing her other children to state custody?  What happened?

Family has told us that she would not have wandered off.  With so many in the house, is an intruder a feasible scenario?

We have learned that police have successfully interviewed all known sex offenders and have cleared them.  

The mother praised law enforcement which is something I noted, rather than express anger or frustration at not finding Alilyah.  This was early in the search, not later, when a slow reality seems to overtake parents. 

The mother's statement on video bothered me.  She said, "we want her home" while looking away and shaking her head 'no'; this seemed to contradict her words.  I am not a body language expert.   

I expected her to speak for herself, as a mother, with instincts inflamed, in the First Person singular, "I", except, perhaps, in the presence of Alilyah's father, but even then, mothers do not always use the plural "we" as they are highly on alert, for themselves, and not always even aware of the presence of the spouse.  More husbands will use the plural "we" than the mothers do, especially close to the date of the disappearance.  Lena Lansford's statement concerns me.  

Please note that the statements  are too small for conclusion.  

Why didn't media give us more?  Why hasn't the mother spoken publicly, including possibly addressing any kidnapper?  Why hasn't the step father spoken publicly?  

Given the statements and the circumstances, 

This does not appear as if it is going to have a good ending, and the answers to many of our questions appear to be within the household. 

Let us hope and pray that I am wrong.  

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