Sunday, September 25, 2011

3 Year Old Aliyah Lunsford Missing

Local media spoke to the mother, but in this news release the media used only 3 sentences from the mother in their report.

"...about 9, 9:30 went back in to wake her up and she was gone..."

Please note that when she called Aliyah "her" the editing is such that we cannot tell if she referred to her by name just prior to this sentence.  The editing is very choppy.  If she used her name, followed by the pronoun, "her", it is appropriate. 

It is difficult to hear, but did she drop the pronoun?  Is it a pause/breath without a pronoun or did she say "I" in that sentence?

Please note that "to" is sensitive since, like "since, because" and so on, it tells us why something was done  rather than simply stating what happened.  

Please note that if she did drop the pronoun we cannot say that she went back in to wake up Aliyah.  

The one person whom the media should have had talking freely, was edited out of the report.

"they are doing everything that they possibly can but the more people we can get to help the better chances of bringing her home."

Here the mother speaks in a positive manner towards law enforcement. 

"We want her home." the mother said, sitting next to an older woman who may be her own mother. 

If there are more statements on this case, please post them for analysis.  The editing done by the local media has made analysis difficult.  Since the mother made the statement about the missing child, far more information would have been gleaned had they broadcast what the mother of the missing child had said, rather than to cut away so hastily. 

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