Monday, September 19, 2011

Searchers Continue for Susan Cox

Searchers continue to look for Susan Cox and are not discouraged by the lack of results after reports of hits by cadaver dogs.   For the guilty, life is one day at a time, as stress internally destroys them as the anxiety hits them each morning:  is this the day she is found?  Will I be arrested this day?  Even the passage of time does not quell the internal damage to the organs by the stress of living life waiting to be caught
More Susan Powell searchers flock to Topaz Mountain
Topaz Mountain • The latest search for Susan Cox Powell entered its second week Monday with 100 trained searchers from six counties scoured the desert landscape for signs of the missing West Valley City mother.
West Valley City police, who are leading the search, moved the command post about 5 miles west Monday morning. From there, searchers riding all-terrain vehicles and on foot looked for any trace of Powell, who has been missing 21 months.
"We’ve had a lot of folks contact us and offer their resources to us," said West Valley City police Lt. Bill Merritt.
No clues were found in the morning, Merritt said Monday. He also acknowledged that the first week of searching the Juab County terrain northeast of Delta had produced no evidence indicating police are looking in the right place.
Yet, Merritt — on Day 8 of the search — remained enthusiastic. He said teams on Sunday made "fantastic headway" in covering areas scheduled to be searched.
On Monday, search and rescue teams arrived from the sheriff’s offices in Juab, Millard, Sevier, Iron and Beaver counties. Aerial support was being provided by the Utah Department of Public Safety Air Bureau.
"These are people who know what their doing," Merritt said.
Also, the Salt Lake City Police Department sent about 15 officers in plain clothes. Those officers formed a line, with about 20 yards between each other, near the command post and began walking north. With heads down, they carefully stepped over rocks and through sage brush looking for anything out of place.

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