Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aster September Birthday Flower


('Peace' in Thai)

I discovered a new shop in the etsy site, and really like her pendants!
The Peace pendant above is one of hers.
Check her shop out!

Today I will be featuring the Aster flower.
It is a month of September flower,
and a September Birthday flower.

Asters are quite beautiful.
Of course, anything that resembles a daisy is tops in my book!
Asters come in many different colors.
I am most familiar with the purple aster -

In the Victorian Flower Language,
I found 'Aster' to be rather confusing!
Here are a few of the Aster's meanings:

Aster represents contentment.
the Society of American Florists

Aster is a talisman of love
and an enduring symbol of elegance.
Birthday month flowers by Teleflora

Aster is a symbol of love,
and a talisman of love.

Aster Berry tiny doll by www.MossMountain.etsy.com

Aster tea cup and saucer, http://www.swancreekcottage.etsy.com/

This next embroidery transfer design shows both of September's flowers:
the Aster and the Morning Glory.

I found on another meanings of flower site
that in China the Aster stands for

I will think of Thee.

On the Teleflora site, they also state:

"With their lush texture, rich hues and wildflower beauty, it's easy to see why asters have had a long association with magical powers.
In ancient times, it was believed that when aster leaves burned,
their perfume could drive away evil."

Hey! If that's all we need to do,
grow lots of asters!!
Too bad life is not that simple, isn't it?

handpainted birdbath by http://www.daisydeecrafts.com/

This next design you could use as an embroidery pattern,
or use it as a scherensnitte cutting.
It looks like you could also use it for a stencil!

That's all I have for today!
Go to a botanical gardens and see if you can't find some asters.
We are fortunate in Denver that we have a very good
Botanical Gardens.

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Be at peace today.


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