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Billie Dunn Answers Questions on Facebook

  • On December 26th, 2010, Hailey Dunn, 13, was seen, about 9PM, by her brother, while she was playing a video game.

    She would never be reportedly seen again by a non Person of Interest or Suspect in the criminal investigation into her disappearance.

    Since that time, police have used the words "suspect" and "person of interest" to describe Hailey Dunn's mother, Billie Jean Dunn, and mother's live in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins.

    Since the time that Hailey Dunn was last seen alive by her brother the public learned:

    1.  Mother and Boyfriend did not assist Hailey's father in searching.
    2.  Mother and Boyfriend held a New Year's Party while Hailey was missing
    3.  Boyfriend refused polygraph and both Mother and Boyfriend walked out of police interview, later showed up for polygraph under the influence.
    4.  Mother and Boyfriend both failed polygraphs.
    5.  Mother and Boyfriend were found to have purchased drugs.
    6.  Police revealed that Boyfriend had previously threatened the lives of Hailey and Mother who, after reporting this to police (Feb 2009) allowed Adkins to move in.  This is a form of child neglet called "Failure to Protect" which is something that will be seen as sensitive in the mother's speech patterns later.
    7.  109,000 deviant images, including child pornography and bestiality were found on computers and memory devices owned and used by Boyfriend and Mother.
    8.  Mother was arrested for lying to police about Boyfriend's location, and for drugs.  The drug charge is dropped and she gets probation for lying to police.

    Law Enforcement reports that Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins are not cooperating with them nor are they communicating with them.

    The following is Billie Dunn's answers of questions from Facebook, posted for the public to see.  The questions asked are de-identified, with no response from Billie Dunn edited.  Statement Analysis and commentary follow in bold type.

     Is Billie Dunn now telling the truth as she takes to the public forum to answer questions?

    Statement Analysis gets answers.  Note that 'text' speak is presented as is, with words spelled out during analysis.

    When a suspect or Person of Interest considers herself a celebrity, she continues to give valuable information for investigators who are seeking justice for Hailey Dunn.  See prior analysis on ego and deception.  

    Billie Dunn    Ask away. I havent not ever answered a question if i can, i will unless i think it will hinder the invest. Or if its too painful or mean,but i dont mind answering ?s

    Please note the claim to have never answered a question has qualifiers:

    1.  "if I can"   "Can" indicates limitation.  The limitation could be due to knowledge, or to consequence.  She gives her reasons why she may be limited:

    2.  "unless i think it will hinder the invest."   She will withhold an answer should it "hinder" the investigation.  Law Enforcement claims that Dunn does not speak to them after retaining a lawyer, and has withheld information from them, after failing a polygraph.  Note that it is what "she thinks" will hinder the investigation and not what law enforcement may think would hinder the investigation.  

    Law Enforcement has said that it is Billie Dunn (and Adkins) who has hindered the investigation.  

    3.  She will not answer a question if it is too "painful"
    4.  She will not answer a question if it is "mean"

    Would questions about her involvement, or about lying, failing the polygraph, or about drugs, covering for Shawn Adkins, etc, be considered "too painful" or "mean"?

    The limitations are set for answers by the subject.   She then adds one more condition of her own language:   

  • Billie Dunn O, i will leave if ppl start showing their asses

  •  Question:  Billie, did Hailey own a camera?

  •  Question:   Billie, what are your thoughts on Shawn quitting his job?

  • Billie Dunn No,no camera

  • Please note that 'yes or no' questions are the easiest to lie.  In a denial, every word after "no" should be noted in analysis.  Here, we have a repetition of the word "no" with the reflected word "camera".  This could be that a camera may be sensitive to the subject, or it could be that in a forum where there are multiple questions asked the subject adds the word to clarify which question she is responding to.  

  • Billie Dunn:   Shawns job....idk really. I knew he didnt like it. He quit bcuz he found a better job,of course he never startedbcuz all the stress & grief

    Please note that this is in response to Shawn's job, which she repeats here for clarification.

    "...idk really."  This is text for "I don't know really" denying knowledge of why Adkins quit his job.  The additional word, "really" however, weakens the statement "I don't know".  The reader/analyst should now be on alert for deception as the qualifier to "I don't know" is added.   When she says "I don't know" is she truthful? 

    1. "I knew he didn't like it."  This is first person singular, past tense, referring to knowledge in the past tense which likely refers to the time of quitting. 

    2.  She then reveals why he quit:  "He quit because he found a better job"    This refutes "I don't know" and shows deception.  She "knew" he didn't like it, but here reveals that he had gotten a better job.  This led to a comment that Adkins was at his mother's home, looking in the paper for a job, and attempting to get unemployment.  

    Deception indicated. 

    3.  "Of course" is used when the subject wants us to take something for granted, without questioning. 

    4.  "he never started because of all the stress and grief"  

    Adkins himself reported:

    He got into a fight with his supervisor.

    Later, police learned that he went to the job, allowed himself to be seen, bought a soda, and immediately left.  This is indicative of deliberate alibi building.   The changing answers, alone, show deception.  Note that where there is deception, there is need for deception. 

  • Billie Dunn Ur very welcome

  •  Question:   I thought he was at his moms or grandmoms that day researching unemployment though?

    Readers who asked questions have knowledge of the case.  This question highlights one of the prior reports where he was said to be seeking unemployment underscoring the deception of the subject's answer. 

  • Question:    Do you have Hailey's red earrings? One or both?

  • Billie Dunn I know he picked a very bad day 2 quit

    Note "I know" first person singular.   He "picked" indicating, chose.  Please note that Adkins' behavior was to drive to work early in the morning, be seen, but speak to no one, and immediately leave.  This would deliberately place him in a certain location at a certain time.  Indeed, it was a "very bad day"

  • Question:  I would like to know why Shawns family have not allowed their property to be searched? Or is it just rumor that they have refused to allow it to be searched?

  • Billie Dunn   He did go straight to his moms.he told me he looked that up 2, but was pretty sure about the other job. I dont have her earings. Only 1 was found,@ naomis,by david,i gave it 2 le

    Extra words give us additional information.  An extra word is one in which the sentence still works should it be removed.  This is important for analysis:  an extra word which appears unimportant in the sentence is doubly important to the subject.  

    Please note that analysis is culminating, that is, it builds upon itself.  When a subject has been shown to be deceptive, we are able to look at sensitivity indicators (such as "pretty sure" used to reduce commitment) to an overall conclusion. 

    Here we have an important word:  "straight"

    Why would it be necessary to say anything beyond "he went to his mom's"?  This is an indication that the topic of where Adkins went is sensitive.  The subject adds in the word "straight" to his mom's.  This should lead investigators to ask 

    Where else did Shawn Adkins go after leaving work, of which he only made an appearance (not speaking to anyone) for 5 minutes?  It is an indication from the deceptive subject that she knows where else Adkins went after he left his job, and before he arrived at his mother's home. 

    This is a highly sensitive piece of time that is missing.   This is something that helps narrow the search area geographically.

    If Shawn Adkins had gotten a new job, he would need to inform his supervisor that he no longer would be working for them.   This could be done by phone. 

    Yet, if he had items belonging to the company to be returned, he would have to return them, either in person, or by courier (UPS, USPS, etc).  

    Dunn has told us that he had "coveralls" (in prior statements) that needed to be returned. 

    Adkins did not inform his supervisor that he had a new job. 
    Adkins did not inform his supervisor of anything.
    Adkins did not fight with any co workers or supervisors. 

    Adkins did, however, return the coveralls.   This is highly sensitive and the behavior itself is alarming. 

    Dunn now reports that he had a new job. 

    This is why lying causes such internal stress:  it is difficult to keep track of reports that do not come from experiential memory.  This is why the story has changed so often.  

  • Question:    ... From haileys Facebook it seemed she had a boyfriend possibly. Did the hairdresser see pics of the boyfriend to see if that's who she saw with her? Thanks

  • Billie Dunn Rumor.his gmas house was searched they never tried anywhere else. They could get a search warrant & search reguardless.

    Note that "rumor" is not specific to which is a rumor.  She then says "his grandmother's house was searched" which is passive, and that they "could" get a search warrant, with one additional word:


    Regardless of what?   Regardless of objections by family?

  • Question:   Also how is David doing? How is he holding up through all of this? Is he still doing MMA? I thought I had read months back that he was suppose to have a fight in Lubbock around Hailey's birthday did he go and if so how did he do? I know this has to be very hard time for him I pray for him too.

  • Billie Dunn Hi ******. I think frm her description it was naomis son.

  • :Question   Was LE told that he quit because he already had a different job? Why didn't he just tell them that instead of saying he got mad at a coworker?

    This question seeks justification for the lie and is focused upon the investigation.  Why the need to lie?  This is important as the deception itself:  the reason for deception.  

    Why would he lie? 
    Why would he only show up for 5 minutes?
    Why would anyone go so early in the morning if only to quit without a word?
    Why would he not speak to anyone?
    Did the coveralls contain evidence?
    Where did he go from there?

  • Billie Dunn:    David still competes in fighting. He does very well. Im so proud of that boy. He doesnt like 2 talk about hailey,but when he does he comes 2 me. I know hes tore up,he keeps himself so busy

    Two things should be noted:

    1.  "that boy" is the language of distance
    2.  Negation:  When someone reports something in the negative, that is, what wasn't felt, wasn't said, wasn't thought, and so on, it should be considered highly sensitive.  
    Note that David does not like to "talk" about "hailey" (sic) nor did he search for his little sister shortly after her disappearance, as reported by Hailey's father, Clint Dunn.

  • Question:   I thought Clint took Naomis son to see her and she said it was not him it was a older boy. If I am not mistaken this came from Clint.

  • Billie Dunn    Idk if le knew that.i did tell them shawn didnt like it there tho so they knew dresser saw hailey the day of her disappearance,she was doing some1s hair. That person was sched. 4 the 27th in her appt book & wrote her a check dated the 27th

    Note that law enforcement has dismissed this as unreliable.  Note the importance, however, to the subject, that Hailey be seen on the 27th of December, by someone who is not a Person of Interest.    

  • Question:  So he didn't stop at grandmas then on his way to his moms?

    Note the intelligent question.  This reader has caught on that Billie deliberately emphasized that Shawn Adkins went "straight" to his mothers.  He did not.  He made at least one stop;  to his grandmother's.  Since Dunn has not kept her story straight, she must now acknowledge the discrepancy.  This is because it did not come from experiential memory; but fabrication.  The parent of a missing child knows each and every detail surrounding her disappearance.  Billie cannot keep track of even minor details such as where he went, why he quit, etc.  This is because the stories do not come from experiential memory, but from fabrications and must now be kept careful track of.  This is why attorneys do not allow their clients to answer questions. 

  • Billie Dunn:   She said he was about 6 or 7 & very dark. Now hailey dont like him 2 well but would let him tag along. I think it was him but not positive

  • Billie Dunn He did but gma wasnt up,so went to his moms. No he didnt visit or see any1 at his gmas

    Is this in reference to going "straight" to his mother's?  Note that "straight" was an additional word used for emphasis.  Here the deception is acknowledged.  Recall that it was not the reader who emphasized that he went "straight" to his mother's, but Dunn, herself.  This is an easy indicator of how a lie is caught because it is a story.   

  • Oh just wondering cuz up there you said he went straight to him moms.

    Note that the reader used Statement Analysis instinctively; simply by listening to the words that Billie Dunn chose.  The time frame from when Adkins deliberately allowed himself to be seen at work, until the time he arrived back home, is highly sensitive to the disappearance of Hailey Dunn.  Billie Dunn, by her choice of wording, knows it.  

  • Billie Dunn Thank u so much 4 that *****. We need the prayers

  • I thought Clint said he didn't see Hailey all day, and he was at the house all day? Wouldn't he have seen them leave the house together?

  • Billie Dunn I know i did. See this is why things get mixed up. I`ll do my best 2 remember 2 break it all down. ...actually u reminded me he stopped there but again went O visited his mom
    9 hours ago

  •  Hi Billie, did Le ever give you a reason for not letting TES in? If so what was it?

  • Billie Dunn Clint did say that. Naomi 1st said she saw her then no she didnt.clint told me he wasnt home all day but at my cousins playing xbox. I think they dismiss witnesses as being credible bcuz it means shawn didnt hurt her monday morning

    Witnesses were questioned carefully.  Billie Dunn gives reasons for their dismissal and it is not changing accounts, or drug abuse:  it is because "it means" that "shawn" didn't hurt her monday morning.    Note that she does not say that Shawn Adkins didn't hurt her the night before, nor after that hour; only Monday morning.  Police would not have cared who harmed Hailey Dunn as long as they caught the guilty.  Here, Dunn continues to cover for Adkins.

  • Billie Dunn They said they have all the help they need when obviously they dont. Said tes would just be in the way so i got klaas kids  

  •  Someone correct me but didnt Naomi also say that Clint was home when she saw Hailey. If I remeber right Naomi said Clint was home that day because his back was hurting and he didn't go to work. He was in bed.

  •  Question:  Stupid cops in a case like this there is no such thing as to much help.

    The ignorant result of being deceived by a habitual liar.  Police investigated every lead and every possible suspect.  All roads led back to what Adkins told them:  you should be looking at me and Billie.  

  • Do you think Klaas will come and help again?

  • Billie Dunn Clint didnt go 2 work. Thats just whatnhe told me. Naomis stories change often. Shes no help

    This insult towards Naomi should lead to more facebook drama.  Clint Dunn did not cause his daughter's disappearance.   

  • Oh ok, so the thing about his back hurting so he was laying down, was just a rumor? Or maybe I'm getting that all mixed up. Hmmm
    8 hours ago ·  1 person

  • Isn't that why his mom and Naomi had to carry the groceries in because his back was out?

  • Question:    Do you understand why so many think you and Shawn are responsible for Haileys disapperance?

    This is actually an intelligent question, as the answer falls into two categories:  those of guilt, and those of innocence.  It is something asked in many investigations.  Innocent people tend to push away any thought of guilt; guilty people often respond with 'understanding'.  In the case of missing children, innocent parents:

    1.  Tell the truth.  Because all they care about is the missing child, they do not care about affairs, drugs, embarrassing behavior, criminal behavior, or anything else.  They just want their child back. 
    2.  Pass polygraphs and are in a hurry for everything
    3.  Cooperate with everything
    4.  Push police constantly, maintaining constant contact, always remembering some small detail they think is important and call into police. 

    Guilty parents:

    1.  Stall for time.  They will delay the interviews, polygraphs, anything they can.  This is commonly seen in those who fabricate, as they trust within themselves to think of an answer for anything.  They will sometimes use 'grief' or 'stress' for a stalling technique and demand 'privacy', but behave differently from innocent people.  
    2.  Will often debate polygraphs; yield, fail
    3.  Lawyer up
    4.  Will often use phrases intended to stop the flow of information from them, such as:

    "I told them everything"
    "I don't know anything more"
    "And that's all I know"

    These, and similar sentences, are designed to end questioning.  Innocent parents never feel "closure" on a topic and will lose sleep replaying every detail in their minds, often phoning the police many times per hour, to give the 'new' information; that is, something they just remembered.  It is a mental self torture they put themselves through.  They care nothing about their reputations, or what others think of them.  They dismiss all thoughts of guilt without sensitivity indicators because do not care what others think of them:  they care for the missing child. 

    They use terms of closeness, endearment, and present tense language.  The guilty use distancing language, and will slip into past tense language, giving away knowledge of the child's death.  Innocent parents do not allow for guilty perceptions as they focus upon their missing child.  Guilty parents will often attempt to soften the hostility with "yeah, I can see why..." and portray themselves as the 'bigger' person, understanding.  See Scott Peterson.   

  • Billie Dunn:   Klaas kids might. I think all surrounding areas have been searched. I guess i can ask & get brads take

    Billie could then be asked:  Why not ask Klass Kids to come in and help?  She offers only that they "might."   They won't work with Billie Dunn nor with searchers who are nothing more than shills for Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins. 

     Recall:  Marc Klass said "Billie should be ashamed of herself" and reported that his organization will not work with liars.  Texas Equasearch would not be used as a pawn by Billie Dunn, either.  Both organizations work with families who must tell the truth and cooperate.  See TES and Cindy Anthony.  

  • Billie Dunn:    I really didnt know it was so bad. But i do now. I thought thru interviews maybe i was clearing things up. But i do see how,when u look at all the misinformation & nasty opinions.

    Note that she didn't "really" know it was so bad.   Did she "really" know it was bad when she stormed out of the police interview?  When she failed the polygraph?  When police demanded they tell her where Hailey was?  Or, is Billie Dunn referring to the public?   If so:

    Please note that it was early January 2011 when Hailey's grandmother said that she believed that Shawn Adkins had raped and killed Hailey.  This would be the first indication, in January, that things may not look so good for Adkins, whom she has steadfastly defended and lied for.  

    If we look at the people closest to Hailey for answers, we learn that her own grandmother suspected that she was dead, as early as Statement Analysis concluded the same, and that Adkins was involved, and Billie Dunn was covering.  She brought Adkins into the home.  She did not protect but "failed to protect". 

  • Next is one of the most disturbing statements Billie Dunn made during her facebook cameo.  Statement Analysis listens to what we are told; we do not interpret the way the deceptive would like us to.  We know that the words chosen are the words chosen:    

  • Billie Dunn I hate seeing that ppl think i couldve harmed my own daughter,especially when im her constant,her protector. No 1 could imagine my love for david & hailey except other parents. U never know love like that until u have kids

    Note what it is that Billie Dunn hates seeing:

    "that people think I couldve harmed my own daughter"     She doesn't tell us she hates the fact that someone harmed her daughter, but that people "think".  She does not say she did not harm her daughter, nor does she tell us that her boyfriend, Adkins did not harm Hailey.  

    Note also that this is something she hates to "see" and not "hear" 

    This indicates that it is something she reads, and not hears.

    Please note the basis of this hatred is:  she was the "protector"  This cases what she hates seeing.  Why is it linked to protection?
    Why is hatred and protection linked?

    Billie Dunn, in Feb 2009, called police to report that Adkins threatened her.  When police spoke to Adkins he boldly said, "yep, and Hailey and Clint too."  What next step did Billie take to protect Hailey?  The first step was to call police.  This is pro active, and it is wise, appropriate and protective. 

    But it was her second step that reveals sensitivity:

    She allowed Adkins to move into the home and exposed Hailey to the physical violence that was threatened.  

    It matters not that Dunn now claims, "he only threatened me" because a threat to a mother puts the children in risk of domestic violence. 

    Across our country, children are removed from homes where mothers fail to protect them from violence, even if the violence is "only" directed at the mother.  Violence is not always discriminating and there is also the risk of collateral harm. 

    Here, Adkins appears to have not only threatened Hailey, but that he made good on his threat.  

    Billie does not want to "see" people thinking she harmed Hailey; not that she didn't harm Hailey.  

  • Billie Dunn I remember connie saying she did come to town that day to run naomi around,but none of this i know 4 sure
    8 hours ago

  • Billie Dunn He wasnt in ccity 30 mins just got on the interstate there,pinged at his moms until 245, my phone which hailey had pinged in ccity at about 230
    8 hours ago

  • Billie Dunn Ur all welcome. Shawn couldve pinged there 4 a few mins if hes was within about 15 miles of ccity tho,but i was never told he pinged there for 30 mins that morn
    8 hours ago

  • 8 hours ago

  • Billie Dunn Its true robin,& sadly its gonna happen again.when i get my daughter back i seriously want 2 constantly hold her hand or tie us together
    8 hours ago ·  3 people

  • Billie Dunn Good night every1 & thanks 4 taking it easy.i`ve been thru hell & back.

    This indicates why Billie Dunn has the confidence to attend vigil, and speak out publicly.  She has been to hell "and back" and has survived.  Police have not arrested her nor Shawn, for the disappearance, nor for child pornography.  To Billie Dunn, she has been to hell, and now she is "back" and able to speak out. 

    Note that Desiree Young is in "hell" and has not made it back, as long as Kyron Horman is missing, there is no redemption for her.  Innocent parents' hell continues every day that their child is missing.  Only the guilty who feel that they have not gotten away with it can say "they made it through hell and am back"; or those who's missing child is back.  For them, they were in hell, but made it back because their child is no longer missing.  "Hell and back" is a common phrase used when a trial or deep horrific event in life is over and has been survived.  

    For Dunn, her confidence is high.  Even Adkins, in spite of drugs, failing a polygraph, and child pornography, could show his face at the vigil, and kiss a baby. 

    This is paramount to giving "the finger" to law enforcement. 

    Do not think that those responsible for this investigation are taking this lightly. 

  • What did Billie Dunn's Facebook appearance tell us?

  • We learned that she is confident that she will not be arrested. 
    We learned that deception will continue unabated.  By "correcting" her, some commentators are teaching her how to lie, and how to revisit what reports she and Adkins made previously.  She is attempting to build support for herself.  

    But her words tell us more:   

  • When the remains are located, we will likely found, at least some, found in the area between Adkin's former employment, and his mother's home.

    It is also likely that the sensitivity indicators found around "cover alls" has to do with destruction of Hailey's remains, and had, in fact, physical evidence washed from them.

    This Facebook "appearance" by Billie Dunn highlights several things:

    1.  Why defense attorneys insist their clients do not speak
    2.  Why a deceptive person cares so deeply about how others view them and what lengths they will do to, even at their own demise, to attempt to persuade the public that they are not guilty
    3.  Even with her confidence at an all time high, Billie Dunn still has reason to deceive and she continues to do so, with impunity.  

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