Saturday, September 3, 2011

Billie Dunn: Strategy of Diversion

Billie Dunn told law enforcement to " get off their "******  and find my daughter"  though she herself did not search, and is not cooperating with police.

Question:  Have we heard and seen this somewhere before?

The tactic:

1.  Do or say  anything, including submit  'leads' and have people call in "tips" in order to take the focus off of Shawn Adkins, and subsequently, Billie Dunn.

2.  Stonewall police.  Do not answer questions posed by them,  and portray them negatively to the media.

3.  Talk to the public, but not to the police.

If failed polygraphs, drugs, childporn and lies are not enough to indicate something is terribly wrong with this picture, Billie Dunn has now become emboldened of late, willing to talk to Facebook, but not to the police in the disappearance of her daughter.

Deal?  Did the police  'reneg' on  a deal of sorts?

Question:  With whom are "deals" made?

Answer:    Deals are not made with innocent parents.  Police do not barter away anything with innocent parents.  Deals are made in exchange for information presupposing that the party with whom a deal is offered, has relevant information that they are withholding from police.  Deals are made in order to entice the one with information to give up that information, critical to the case.  This raises the question:

Why would the mother of a missing child need a deal?  Why would she want to withhold information?

Innocent parents do not withhold information from police.  They never feel as if they have told 'everything' but continually search their memories in order to help police locate the missing child.

Rather than speak to police openly, Billie Dunn posted on Facebook.  We received many requests for analysis, and the analysis showed deception; deception that even some of the questioners picked up upon, including the sensitive time frame of Shawn Adkins going to his place of employment and on to his mother's.  As alarming as his activities were that day, the intention is to divert attention away from him, and on to sex offenders; all of whom law enforcement has investigated and cleared.

  Billie and her supporters then responded with vile insults.

 Why such an angry response?

Why would they be so angry that a small blog with small readership doesn't believe her, when Hailey's own grandmother spoke on national television?

There was no such reaction when Hailey's grandmother said she believed that Shawn raped and killed Hailey.  Hailey's grandmother lived close by, knew Hailey, knew Shawn, and knew many of the dynamics in the home.  She spoke this to a national audience and all Billie could say was "why didn't she come to me?" without four letter words, sexual references and insults?  But, this only leads us to bigger and more pressing questions:

Why talk to the public, but not to the police?  Why ridicule the police?  Why ridicule anyone who disagrees?

We have seen this strategy before.

This strategy has been used before, and even this "get off your ***** and find my daughter" is language specifically reminding us of Cindy Anthony.

Cindy Anthony also told media "get off your ***** and find my granddaughter!" more than a few times even though she knew Caylee was dead.  The diversion included false sightings and false leads, and cost law enforcement time, money, and a drain of emotions.  Eventually, the convolution and confusing of those who could not discern worked.

Cindy Anthongy had reason to tell the world that Caylee was alive:  to protect her daughter.  She and those around her, including the defense team, sought to do anything they could to take the focus off of Casey Anthony, even to the point of blaming a non-existing person, deliberately writing a letter to Casey in prison stating that Caylee was in "Brooklyn" with "Zanny"; all along knowing that the point of the letter was to divert attention away from Casey.

There appears to be a link between the two strategies, with Billie Dunn and her supporters taking a page out of Cindy Anthony's book of diversion, ridicule, and attempt to arouse pity.

Billie Jean Dunn and searchers, using foul language to insult anyone questioning her veracity, seem to be intent on leading the public to believe that a sex offender has kidnapped Hailey, or that Hailey is alive, or any other of a myriad of nonsense intended  to mislead the public.  This is the same strategy employed to pervert justice for Caylee Anthony.  Sadly, in that case, it was successful.  I don't believe it will succeed here. This case is not cold.

 Does the posturing and choice of wording  along with the attempt to persuade the public, rather than work with law enforcement suggest a link between the two?

Hailey Dunn went missing last December, 2010, and has not been seen since.   Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn (mother and boyfriend) remain the only Suspect and Person of Interest in the ongoing investigation.

The strategy employed by Cindy Anthony is now being employed by Billie Dunn, suggesting a link between them.

The diversion is not taking law enforcement off the trail, as they continue to work the case.

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