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Katelyn Markham: Fiance Lied On Nancy Grace Show?

from prior analysis:  

NANCY GRACE: John, did she normally send a picture of a picture? Why didn`t she snap herself and send it?

CARTER: I`m sorry. Here`s what the situation was. She had actually sent -- after I had left her house, she had actually sent me a couple of actual text messages about things that she wanted me to do to help her out because she had to work and go to school so much. Then -- she normally sends me pictures of things. Her boss at her internship is a really good photographer, and he took some pictures of her that were really, really good and she wanted to show them to me. And that was one of them.

Please note:  "I'm sorry"   This is often found in guilty party's statements. 
Please note that "actually" is a word used when describing two or more things, in comparison. 
Please note that the word "left" is included which indicates missing information; 70% due to time, rushing, etc, but 30% critically withheld information. Note that "actually" is repeated (including "actual") which we do not know what he is comparing this to.  This is missing information that would need to be addressed by a follow up question.  It is here that there may be missing information that is critical to the investigation. 

Note the inclusion of "normal" as often an indication that something is anything but "normal."

He introduced "her boss" into the discussion which should lead to questions about the boss, seeking to learn what their relationship was like; good, professional, personal, jealousy provoking, and so on.  

Statement Analysis in bold type. 

New Clue in Search for Missing Fairfield Woman

Please see analysis of fiance, John Carter, for indicators noted. 

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Updated: 7:47 am
Police say they have a new clue in the search for a missing Fairfield woman-it involves Katelyn Markham's cell phone. And searchers will continue their quest today to look for the 22 year old, who has been missing for nearly three weeks now.

According to our partners at the Hamilton Journal News, police have determined the location of the cell phone tower that Markham's phone last pinged or received a signal from. But, police are not revealing that location.  Police say the phone was turned off at 12:45 a.m. on the day she was reported missing, August 14th.

The Journal News also reports that Markham's fiance has changed his story about taking and passing a polygraph test. When John Carter appeared on Nancy Grace’s CNN show on August 25, he said he took and passed a polygraph test concerning the disappearance of Katelyn Markham. But when Carter appeared again on the show Wednesday evening, he said he had not taken one, but he would if he was asked. Police have declined to comment, saying they aren’t discussing details of the investigation. Carter did not return a call for comment Thursday.

From Nancy Grace Show analysis:  

GRACE: OK. All right. Now, let me ask you this. I understand that you have taken a polygraph?


This is a straight answer.  Yes or No are the easiest to lie with, but he adds no words to it, nor qualifies it.  Taking it does not show sensitivity; but the timing does: 

GRACE: When did you take a polygraph?

CARTER: The second day she went missing, I believe.

Please note that "I believe" reduces commitment to the answer. If he only believes he took the polygraph then we cannot conclusively say that on the 2nd day she went missing (depending upon if he considers after 12AM a day) unless he says so with conviction. 

GRACE: Did you pass the polygraph?


GRACE: What questions did police ask you?

CARTER: If I knew where she was, and if I know anything pertaining to her disappearance.

Nearly 100 people gathered in Fairfield on Thursday to help the Texas Equusearch Mounted Team look for Markham.  Many of the people taking part in these searches have never met Markham--but they feel it's their duty to do everything they can to bring her home. Volunteers looked through parks and densely wooded areas.

This morning, searchers from Texas will gather again at a command center at  Fairfield West Baptist Church on Muskoph Road at 8 a.m.  Volunteers must be dressed appropriately for searching through wooded areas and have a photo ID.

Equusearch is alson helping in the search for a missing Hamilton man. Billy Disilvestro disappeared in February. He was last seen visiting a friend on Ross Avenue in Hamilton. His mother says DiSilvestro left behind his cell phone... and does not have his medication for seizures.

The Texas Equuasearch teams has helped in more than 1200 searches, including those for Caylee Anthony-a two year old girl who went missing in Florida in 2008 and was eventually found dead- and Natalie Holloway, a college student from Alabama who disappeared during a graduation trip to Aruba in 2005.  She has never been found.

Does John Carter believe she is dead?  From prior analysis:  

GRACE: You know, let`s go back and let him explain himself. John Carter is with us. He`s the fiance of the missing bride, Katelyn Markham. And John, as you know, police always start with the husband, the boyfriend, the fiance, the ex-boyfriend because, statistically, that`s who`s responsible when women are found dead or they go missing.

You, however, have agreed to a polygraph. You`ve come on our show and are answering questions that the public is asking you along with me. Now, John, that says a lot to me about your innocence. But it is unusual. According to reporters, you have spoken of her in the past tense.

Nancy Grace says "your innocence"
Note that Nancy Grace is correct in calling him out about the past tense usage.  Will he give an adequate response?  Have police indicated to him that she is dead?  Has he lost hope?  Why would he believe that she is dead?  We have heard concerning statements about "disposing" and about "burning" along with a cell phone reference that has caught our attention.  

CARTER: I have spoken of her in the past tense because she is currently missing. And I only used the past tense because I don`t know what else to useAnd it`s really confusing when I`m talking to so many people about it, you know, what direction I can go. And it`s insanely hard to deal with a lot of this stuff. So I deal with a lot of stress.

There is missing information here.  Beginning a sentence with "And" indicates missing information.  Note here how often it happens. 

 He could use present tense, but says he does not know what "else" to use.  This is a strong indicator that he believes or knows she is dead.  How does he know?  Does he know because of time elapse?  Have the police told him things to cause him to believe this?  We don't know unless he tells us, but here, he only tells us of stress, which puts the emphasis upon him, and not upon Katelyn.  Innocent loved ones of missing people hold on to hope for a long time (even non relatives) which then comes out in their speech:  present tense.  There is an expectation that the missing one is coming home, therefore, the present tense. 

That John Carter has an explanation for using past tense language suggests that he is aware that this has been brought up as a concern.  When we speak, we don't consciously decide to use past tense language for this or that reason, our words are chosen in less than a microsecond.

John Carter has indicated knowledge or belief that Katelyn is dead.  

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