Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lauren Spierer: Parents Warn Students

This is the family website:

Lauren Spierer Parents Warn IU Students They Are 'Not Invincible'

Charlene and Rob Spierer urge their missing daughter's classmates to stay safe and "choose friends wisely" in a letter written to the Herald-Times.
The parents of missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer have encouraged their daughter's classmates to use Lauren's disappearance as a reminder to take precautions towards their own safety. 
Charlene Spierer recently submitted a letter to the Herald-Times in which she revealed she had taken a walk with husband Rob Spierer through downtown Bloomington at 3 a.m. and seen an unaccompanied girl walking home without her shoes. 
"We are living with Lauren’s disappearance every minute of every day and thought, quite naively, that everyone else is doing the same," Charlene Spierer wrote. "I said to someone recently that I hope what happened to Lauren will never happen to another person. That people will learn from this horrific episode in our lives. Alas, he didn’t think that would be the case. Clearly, he was correct."

The change writing from "we" to "I" is sensitive.  Note always when the subject is speaking for, or writing for others, suddenly speaks for him or herself: it is highly important.  The topic of this importance:   that no one experience the pain that she, personally, has.  
Charlene Spierer urged students to "choose [their] friends wisely" and keep an emergency contact close at all times.  
"If one person reads these words and benefits from them, we will be thankful," Charlene Spierer said. "You are not invincible. Bad things happen to good people. You owe it to yourself to be safe." 

Note the desire by the family to keep others safe.  When a family member begins to say things like "we don't want justice" or anything about not wanting the perpetrators caught, they are suggesting that the perpetrator does not pose a risk to others.   Recall Tiffany Hartley repeatedly stating that she didn't want her husband's killer to be caught or brought to justice. 
series of free safety seminars were held last week at Smallwood Plaza, the apartment where Lauren Spierer was last seen walking towards by surveillance cameras on Friday, June 3 at approximately 4:30 a.m. According to spokesman Ernie Reno, fewer than 100 of 500 students who recently moved into the apartment for the 2011-2012 school year attended. 
"Unfortunately, when you’re 18 to 21 years old, which all of our residents are — some are 22, but all are undergrads — you have an air of invincibility about you,” Reno said.  
Investigators seeking evidence in the Spierer case concluded a 9-day search through 4,100 tons of waste in Viggo County's Sycamore Ridge Landfill last Friday. Police say no clues were found. 
"The fact that no evidence related to this case was discovered is unfortunate, but we are confident that the proper area at the landfill was identified and thoroughly checked by the officers working there,” Bloomington Police Department Chief Michael Diekhoff said in a press release.  
Spierer's parents, who briefly came home to Edgemont two weeks ago following an an exhaustive 11-week search effort in Bloomington, have returned to Indiana to continue hanging posters with volunteers.
When asked how long she plans to stay in Bloomington, Charlene Spierer replied that she'd remain “as long as it takes." 
Somebody out there knows what happened," she said. "And somebody knows where she is.

Note that "somebody" is gender neutral and it remains consistent. 

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