Friday, September 9, 2011

Mark McClish: "10 Easy Ways to Spot A Liar"

Statement Analyst, author, instructor, and retired investigator, Mark McClish has released a new book through Amazon, "10 Easy Ways To Spot A Liar" that can be ordered here:

As most readers here know, Mark runs the website which offers an online course in analysis which Heather and I frequently recommend to our readers.  It is inexpensive, well put together, and is suited for all readers here, including journalists, investigators, mothers of teenaged sons, those who attempt to purchase used cars, and just about anyone concerned with deception.  Principly, however, those of you interested in the pressing crime issues today, especially missing persons cases, will benefit from Mark's expertise and easy to follow, sample by sample method of teaching.

In December, he hopes to have a full volume, in book form (my favorite) and we hope to have him on our weekly radio program.

If you are new to analysis, please enjoy "I Know You Are Lying" as an excellent example of how analysis is completed, using many fascinating cases from today's headlines to highlight the function of "verbal polygraphy" in these well known and oft-talked about cases.

Please visit the famous cases section of Mark's website at for more information and make sure you read some of his recent research confirming some of his observations.

The new book includes two additional fields of analysis:  body language analysis and handwriting analysis.

Many readers are already familiar with Dr. Lillian Glass' blog as well as "Eyes for Lies" (I have been reading the cases there of late and enjoying the analysis) in the field of body language analysis, but not many are familiar with handwriting analysis and the study of personality traits.  "10 Easy Ways to Spot A Liar" covers all three methods.

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