Sunday, September 4, 2011

Search for Katelyn Markham Comes Up Empty

The search for Katelyn Markham has come up empty in spite of assistance from expert, Tim Miller and Texas Equaserach.  John Carter is her fiance.  He has made some odd statements, including referencing her in the past tense; an indication that he either knows or believes that she is deceased, and about burning documents.   This was caught on the Nancy Grace Show.   He first said he took a polygraph, but then later said he did not, but the confusion may have been from the difference of one type of test from another (voice analysis versus polygraph) and felt that Nancy Grace was unfair to him.  He then said he would not speak with her live again; only to her producers.  


The fiance of missing Ohio woman Katelyn Markham believes that she is still alive despite having vanished over two weeks ago.
"My gut feeling is that she's alive and that she's ok," John Carter told "I have to believe she's alive. I have to believe that I'm going to have her in my arms soon."
Carter, 23, was the last person to see Markham before she vanished. Police told ABC Affiliate WCPO that they have few leads in Markham's disappearance. There is no evidence of foul play, but it can't be ruled out, police said.
Texas Equusearch, a mounted search and recovery team, will begin assisting in the search for the 22-year-old woman Tuesday. A digital billboard has been erected in northern Kentucky to aid in the search for Markham. Search parties have been fanning out at parks and wooded areas near the bride-to-be's Fairfield, Ohio, home. Another search is planned for today.
Markham left behind her car, keys and purse. She took her cell phone with her. Calls to that phone go straight to voicemail.
Katelyn Markham Has Been Missing for More Than Two Weeks
PHOTO: Katelyn Markham, seen in a picture posted on a Facebook group dedicated to finding her.
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Her fiance, Carter, said that he visited her at her home on Aug. 13. He said the two discussed their hopes to move to Colorado in November. Markham is supposed to finish her bachelor's degree in graphic design this September.
"We were just kind of talking about Colorado...We made plans for the next day...and then she had to go to bed because she always has to get up early," he said.
Markham was working at David's Bridal and at a book store. Carter said that he received multiple text messages from Markham after he left her in the early hours of Aug. 14. One of those text messages asked him to burn some of her bank documents.
"She had a big old bag full of stuff from the bank and so she had me go and burn them," Carter said. "Personally, it really was just an innocent little chore she wanted me to do for her and basically I went to a friend's house and I got rid of them."

The word "basically" tells us that more happened than what he has said.  

The Search for Katelyn Markham

He said the request did not seem odd to him and that his own mom had suggested she burn the bank documents since Markham didn't have a paper shredder.
Carter said he grew nervous when Markham stopped responding to his text messages.
"I went to her house and she was gone without her car, without her purse, without her keys," he said.
Markham's birthday was just two days after she vanished. Carter said spending her birthday away from her was "pretty much the worst day of my life."    
He described Markham as "pretty happy" and a strong person.
"She cares about everyone. She works in customer service because she likes dealing with people. She likes to help people," Markham said.
There is a $5,000 reward for the discovery of Markham. She is 5-foot-3 with brown hair and weighs approximately 120 pounds. If you have any information, call the Fairfield Police Department at (513) 829-8201

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