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Should The Anthonys Face Criminal Charges?

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Should The Anthonys Face Charges?
yes, they deliberately lied and cost taxpayers
no, they were not responsible for law enforcement investigations free polls 

Should the Anthonys be charged?

They now claim that Caylee drowned, just as we heard in court, in 2008, even though they spend a great deal of effort sending law enforcement searching, from coast to coast, and called in "Caylee sightings" everywhere. 

This tactic was to divert attention away from Casey.  It was not just the lies of Casey Anthony that cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, but of the Anthonys.  Should they be charged, even as they continue, since 2008, to live life without having to work for a living, on the blood of the innocent murder victim?

Oct 31, 2008, Cindy Anthony:  “George and I don’t believe that Caylee in the woods or out there.  We believe someone has her and that she’s alive.

This statement introduced "in the woods" to the topic.  

This is why an interview must seek to avoid at all times, any introduction of new wording or a new topic.  Once the subject has introduced a new word, the Interviewer may then ask about it, but until that point, Interviewers must seek to keep the subject talking freely, in the "free editing process" via the use of open ended questions. 

Here, "in the woods" entered into their vocabulary indicating association with "the woods"; where, less than a half mile from their home, Caylee was found.

"I know that in my heart, she is close" Casey Anthony said from jail shortly after her arrest.  

The Anthonys have a private investigator looking into tips that continue to come in. "Exact spot? We're getting close," Cindy Anthony said. "We feel we're on the right track. We believe and we have from Day 1 -- that Caylee has not stayed in the same place for very long. We believe that she's been moved several times."

Cindy Anthony said the Orange County Sheriff's Office has spent more time building a case against Casey Anthony than looking for Caylee. "I feel like we've lost four months of precious time (to)follow up on looking for her alive," Cindy Anthony said. "I'm angry, and for them to pull that and this is all they've got. This is ridiculous."

Tim Miller quoted, TES last search for Caylee Anthony completed on November 7, 8th, 2008.
"And that area again in November, when we searched it, that exact area where Caylee was at was under water still. And again, I made the decision we are not going to do any searches in water because this is a tiny little skeleton and we're not going to jeopardize it."

Witnesses say Jim Hoover/Cindy's bestie investigator was present watching TES Search on 11/8/08.

November 19, 2008 - Cindy Anthony allows Orlando Reporter to tour Anthony house. Cindy Anthony told reporter, D'Onofrio that Orange County sheriff's detectives admitted to her that the evidence found in Casey Anthony's car, the smell of death, a stain, decomposition of human remains, does not prove that Caylee is dead or that Casey Anthony killed her.

Cindy Anthony said she's upset that the sheriff's office has apparently rushed to judgment by not searching for Caylee.
"Elizabeth Smart. The police department there thought she was dead, but yet they followed up and brought Elizabeth home to Ed Smart," Cindy Anthony said.

Elizabeth Smart's name is now employed by guilty parents. 

The Anthonys said they have proof that Caylee is alive, and they plan on holding a news conference later this week to discuss the details.  (news report)

The proof never did arrive, but the tactic remained in place.

"Meanwhile, investigators are still trying to get more information out of George and Cindy with little success," D'Onofrio said. "They believe they have a lot of information they're keeping from them. Detectives still want to talk to Cindy about the smelly clothes in Casey's car she washed. They also believe George and Lee know more than they're willing to share."

The tactic continued by disparaging law enforcement:  

November 20, 2008 -
Michelle Bart spokesman of George and Cindy Anthony offers " Candid" interview on the case of " Missing Caylee Anthony" She is alluding that LE has made statements that Caylee Anthony is deceased and the case is closed. She says for certain Caylee is alive. She to go and on. We have leads to back this.

No one from Law Enforcement said the case was closed.

Bart says that she is helping "support the delivery" of Kid Finder's Network, she too is following leads from  DNA
Investigations. DNA Investigations is Dominic Casey.
BART Candid Interview -

Note the start of a "foundation" in order to "help" others.  We find this where money/fame/recognition is sought.  Now, all a hoax.

Dom Casey, with Jim Hoover "tipped by a Psychic" went into the woods- attempting to find Caylee's remains November 15, 16th 08. But BART says on 11/20 - We have proof Caylee is Alive, per leads of DNA Investigations.

Here is where we have questions for Lee Anthony, who was in need of immunity.  What was his role in all of this?  Was he the likely source of info?  Was the body moved?  Did he, or George move the body?

The family lied because the family needed to lie.

The family surrounded themselves with scoundrels because they were birds of a feather.

Now, all the lies, confusion and deception has paid off as they continue to accumulate fame and wealth after trampling Caylee's call for justice beneath their feet. 

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