Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Strategy of Deny and Divert

To deny and divert has an ultimate goal, and that is to pervert justice for the victim in the name of saving the guilty.  

Deny and Divert was what former Rep. Anthony Wiener said he would do when caught up in his sexting scandal this summer in New York.

His denials showed deception, and even though his supporters threatened those who questioned him, it was not more than a week later in which the deceptive indicators gave way to media challenges.

When Billie Jean Dunn demanded that law enforcement "get off their @ss and find my daughter!" many remarked that it sounded a great deal like the deceptive diversion (and wording) floated by Cindy Anthony, in an attempt to get attention away from her daughter, Caylee's killer.  They shilled that Caylee was alive and wanted everyone but Casey looked at, including "Zanny", Jesse Grund, Amy H, and eventually George.  Sadly, the strategy of confusion successfully perverted justice for Caylee, but that was what the diversion tactic was designed to do. Cindy refused to let Casey speak to Tim Miller, and Lee refused the polygraph.   Just as birds of a feather flock together, they soon found a 'spokesperson' to fit their needs and personality.

In fact, Cindy had a spokesperson who  insisted that Caylee was alive and police needed to find her, rather than pursue the investigation against Caylee's mother.

Now, Billie Dunn followers are not only hindering the investigation by keeping Dunn from speaking directly to law enforcement, but are asking their followers to write letters to officials complaining that they are not following up on 'leads' and sex offenders.  The strategy is the same as the Anthonys.  Is there a link?

In both cases, police knew, and have known,  that they were not looking for an alive victim.

Michelle Bart not only attempted to spin the fabrication that Caylee was alive, but even offered to dispute the autopsy results.  The purpose was as transparent as it was when Cindy Anthony spoke:

divert attention away from investigating Casey Anthony for murder, since Caylee is 'alive.'  And if Caylee isn't alive, then it was anyone but Casey.  Anyone.

 Cindy kept up the fabrication even after the body was found,  as evidenced by Cindy writing to Casey about Caylee being still alive in Brooklyn.  Lie upon lie, as many have had their help in attempting to pervert justice.

Michelle Bart did not make many fans shilling for the Anthonys.

And so it continues now in Texas, as Billie Dunn followers  do the same:  insisting anything and everything but that which leads back to Billie Dunn and her lies, including Shawn Adkins.

Police have named Shawn Adkins the main Suspect and Billie Dunn as the Person of Interest, with it not known to what extent she has been involved.   Is she merely covering for Adkins, or does she have more reason to lie for him?   They have checked every lead, and every sex offender, and all roads have led right back to Adkins.  Every witness has been interviewed, and the only story that hasn't held up is the one that came from Dunn and Adkins.  They are the ones who lied to police, as they are the ones who have reason to lie.    

What is clear, however, is the strategy of impeding the investigation by, at all costs, diverting attention away from the two main persons of interest; those who failed polygraphs:  Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn.

This impeding of the investigation by diversion is not new.  It was what spokesperson Michelle Bart sought to do to pervert justice for Caylee.  Her lessons have not been lost upon the 'searchers' who now impede justice for Hailey Dunn.

Did searchers learn some of Bart's ways?

Sometimes influences come into play, but in spite of having not found Hailey's remains for so long, I believe that there will be justice for Hailey.  Law Enforcement continues to press forward in their investigation and are working on a case in which they can present with confidence of a conviction.

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