Sunday, September 11, 2011

Upcoming Radio Announcement: "Eyes for Lies"

On our next broadcast,  Sunday, September 25th, we hope to  have "Eyes for Lies" body language expert on "The Peter Hyatt Show" on Blog Talk Radio at 5PM EST.  (schedule will be confirmed later)  

As many readers have referenced her work "Eyes for Lies" is a web site dedicated to discernment of truth and deception covering many of the same case we here at Statement Analysis cover, using body language and micro expression analysis, but without discounting the actual words spoken.


"Eyes for Lies is a professional deception and credibility expert.  She assists law enforcement on cases, and teaches law enforcement how to spot reliable clues to deception. She was identified in a 25 year years study from the University of San Francisco that sought to find people who were good in deception.  Scientists tested more than 15,000 people including the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, mixed law enforcement and many other professionals, and every day people, and only found 50 people with an exceptional ability.  Eyes for Lies doesn't look for the typical clues to deception such as eye aversion or closed-off body language.  Instead she looks for behavioral, cognitive, factual and emotional clues."

By announcing this in advance, we are able to have our readers submit questions in the commentary section that we can address on the live program.   We will leave this thread open for questions.

Our chat room will be open one hour before the broadcast, and remain open for several hours afterwards.

We will also update this post with further information.  Please feel free to post questions regarding methodology, training opportunities and recommendations, and specific cases covered.


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