Saturday, September 3, 2011

Susan Cox: Voices Continue

Isabelle Zehnder has posted two new articles on the case of Susan Cox.  As I said this past week 
on Susan Murphy Milano's show, Isabelle covers missing persons' cases from a deeply touching, personal perspective, and I read her regularly:  

Here, she covers the recent allegations and insinuations against Susan, who is unable to answer for herself.  I am grateful to Isabelle for being that voice:

Please note that it is not unusual for someone, acting in what they may believe is in the best interest of another, to attempt to take attention away from the suspect.   We see this in this case, and recently in the investigation into the disappearance of Hailey Dunn.

In the case of his son, Steve Powell is clearly attempting to deflect attention away from Josh Powell, who is not cooperating with police in the disappearance of Susan Cox.

From one of the articles we have these two quotes:

Following the search of the Powell home KOMO News reports Lt. Merritt said, "What we have here today will help us draw closer to a conclusion. Whether it's the conclusion that everybody wants and hopes for, we don't know. It may be a conclusion that nobody wants to admit could happen."
The conclusion that nobody wants to hear is that Susan is no longer with us.  His meaning appears plain.  Yet:
Lt. Merritt's statement spurred online comments saying it left them with more questions. Asked to explain his statement, Lt. Merritt said in an email Thursday, "We were seeking certain things in that search warrant and we found what we were looking for. Every piece of evidence helps us draw closer to a conclusion. This case is still classified as a "Missing Person" and that means we don't know for sure what happened to Susan. We hope that she is alive and that we will one day find her. But we also need to prepare for what no one wants to think about, and that is the possibility of her being deceased. Every day we take important steps in the investigation and each individual step brings us closer to a conclusion."

Note the word "but" as 'important what follows' with a refutation of what had preceded it.  Police are aware of the high emotions in this case among the public, as well as the fact that the Cox family has suffered immeasurably; first by Susan's disappearance, and then by the constant taunts and insults from the vile father-son Powells.  
Josh Powell could not silence Susan's righteousness, and even now, she continues to speak, via those willing to speak for her.  
Justice for Susan Cox will come

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