Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kateyn Markham: Fiance's Mother Defends Son

On the Nancy Grace Show, John Carter did not show sensitivity about taking the polygraph; only a reduced commitment regarding the time (answer to the question of "when") of taking it.   Here, his mother explains.  Carter said he will no longer speak to Nancy Grace live; only to her producers.

Search Intensifies For Missing Fairfield Woman

The mother of Katelyn Markham's fiance says she is clearing up confusion about the test her son took after Markham disappeared.
It was on the Nancy Grace show that John Carter, Markham's fiance and the last person to see her, first told the public about a lie-detector test he was asked to do by the Fairfield police.
Karyn Winkler said her son's story was distorted on the national news, explaining that the test he was given was a version of a lie-detector test called voice polygraph.
"He did not participate in a wired polygraph test. He has not only told the police he is more than willing to, but he also clearly stated that on Nancy Grace," Winkler said.

Note the additional word "wired".   This extra word is important as it clarifies.

"John has referred to this test as both a polygraph test and a lie detector test. The detective working on Katelyn's case said that often, people confuse the two with the terminology, and she (the detective) is not surprised when someone she is working with confuses them or when someone in the community confuses them," Winkler said.

Note her straight language; and note that she enters into the language of the detective.  "Confusing" is sensitive (important) as the mother believes this is what has happened.  His mother is not lying. 

Meanwhile, the Texas mounted search team, Texas Equusearch, continues to look for Markham, who hasn't been seen since Aug. 13. Police have found no evidence of foul play, but Butler County residents are making their own decisions about what happened to the girl.
Texas Equusearch organizer Tim Miller, however, said the focus should be solely on finding Markham.

"I've been irritated about this. Some of the community has focused on the investigative end and cell towers and different things. When they're focused on that, they're not focused on the search," Miller said.

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